Holy guacamole ! They’re everywhere. The good, the bad and the ugly. Or should I say, the good, the bad and the ex. Fully one third of my news feed is royal-related. Cute pictures of you-know-who (the good), not so flattering pictures of you-know-who (the bad) , who is also the ex, who flatters herself the queen of L.A. j/k

We in the U.S. have The First Family, but the media has proclaimed them not worthy of their valuable time to write about. So they give us The Royals instead.

The cute (good) one is quite photogenic as she waits for the Queen to pass the crown, and she does charitable things as she waits. The ex is building her empire in the emptiness that is L.A. as she waits to get bids on her dairy she wrote all that time in the castle, or wherever she lived before she was exiled.

Truth be told, I am a descendant of Irish grandparents and mother, from the true Ireland, the green one, so I am ambivalent to the Royals goings-on.
I just wrote about this phenomenon (Royal watching) because our media has instructed us to ignore all the good of our First Family because they are so very unroyal.

So carry on with your Royal Watching and I will carry on looking for some inspiration from my news feed that I will share with you later.

Have a great Monday, uh Tuesday. Sorry !

For you Royal lovers:

Slide 1 of 11: The royals know how to tote around their things in style. Here, the 10 brands the Windsors swear by—from Queen Elizabeth's one true handbag love to Meghan Markle's go-to emerging label and Kate Middleton's preferred clutches.

How did Princess Beatrice get in here ? Sorry.

Prince William

a little girl posing for a picture: Per the Sunday Times, William and Kate want to keep their children together and likely will not send Charlotte back to school before George.

The good one herself

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