Fast-Growing Vegetables You Can Harvest Quickly

Slide 2 of 12: BRASSICA RAPA; 38 days to harvest Quick-growing salad turnips, like Hakurei, are popular at farmers markets but easy to grow at home, too. Ready to dig up just weeks after seeding, they are known as a dual-purpose crop, yielding sweet roots as well as tasty greens for salads and stir-fries. Here's how to grow a salad garden. Why we love it: The golf ball-size roots are delicious raw, cooked or pickled. Plus these super veggies are loaded with vitamin C, calcium and iron. Turnips also tolerate fall frosts and turn sweeter in cool weather.

Slide 5 of 12:  RAPHANUS SATIVUS; 22 days to harvest For more than 60 years, this award-winning variety has been a garden standard, and for good reason. It offers an extra-early harvest of small, rounded roots with cherry red skin and crisp white flesh. This crop can be harvested three weeks after seeding. Learn about easy vegetables everyone should grow. Why we love it: Radishes are edible from top to bottom! Eat the roots and leaves, then let a few plants flower for the blooms and crunchy seed pods. Generally speaking the longer you allow radishes to grow, the spicier they will taste when you dig them up. Let ’em linger, but not too long. Then they become pithy rather than more flavorful.

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