Bullying Claims Two More Lives

Hana Kimura and Amber-Lee Friis have died due to various forms of bullying.

Hana Kimura, a Japanese professional wrestler who was also a cast member on the most recent season of Netflix’s reality show “Terrace House,” has died, Variety has confirmed. She was 22.a little girl posing for a picture © Getty Images

A cause of death was not immediately clear. She recently posted a series of troubling tweets, one of which, according to a fan translation, read that she didn’t “want to be a human anymore.”

“Thank you to everyone who supported me,” read another message, which also implied that she had been cyberbullied.

Amber-Lee Friis, the beauty queen who went on to become a finalist in the Miss Universe New Zealand pageant, died on Monday. She was 23. In a statement to PEOPLE, the New Zealand Police Department confirmed they responded to a “sudden death” on May 18 and that the death had been referred to the coroner.

a woman taking a selfie in a city: Amber-Lee Friis/Facebook Amber-Lee Friis

The accomplishment marked a major milestone for the young model, who struggled for years with her self-confidence after she was bullied by her classmates because of her tan skin and eyes, NZ Stuff reported.

What a tragedy that repeats itself every day, sparing no one who is the slightest bit different in looks or in lifestyle. We must stop this craziness that mandates that we all fit into a tiny box, or be bullied until we do something desparate.

Amber-Lee’s story told by Joelle Goldstein of People Magazine.

Hana’s story told by Alex Stedman of Variety.

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