Best Indoor Apartment Plants to Buy Online


Dim, dry, or overly humid rooms impeding your dreams of becoming an at-home horticulturist? These factors—which are all too common for apartment dwellers—may have once hindered you from pursuing a life as a plant parent…until now. While many plants require paradise-like living arrangements with abundant light and constant attention, there are an array of options that can survive in less-than-perfect conditions. We tapped Baltimore-based plant stylist Hilton Carter, author of Wild Interiors, to recommend the best indoor apartment plants to buy online and how to care for them once they’re all yours.

Burgundy Rubber Tree


“This is one of my favorite ficus trees,” says Carter. “It’s less finicky than its popular cousin, the fiddle-leaf fig, and it can grow up to 25 feet indoors. When it comes to light, it does well when it’s bright and indirect. Keep the soil moist during the growing season, which is summer. In the winter, the soil needs less moisture.”

Philodendron Jungle Boogie
PlantedRootsCo Etsy


“Like all philodendrons, you have to be careful to not overwater it,” says Carter. “Only give it a drink when the soil is completely dry. When it comes to light, it likes it bright or medium and indirect.”

Lipstick Plant

“It’s easy to see where this got its name,” says Carter. “It thrives in bright indirect light but will also do well in filtered light. Be careful not to overexpose it to direct sun, because this can burn the leaves and dry the plant out. Keep the soil moist, not wet. For balanced growth, rotate it at least once a month.”
Aralia Fabian


“The Aralia fabian reminds me of something out of a Dr. Seuss book. Its beauty and weirdness comes from its thick burly trunk, thin speckled branches, and pancake-shaped foliage that’s a dark shade of green on top and a shade of violet on the bottom,” says Carter. “To care for it, place your plant in a pot that has a drainage hole and water it until water comes out in the base tray. Repeat only when the top two inches of soil become completely dry. It can live in a nice spot that has bright indirect light. If you don’t have that, a mix of dappled light throughout the day will also work well.”

Costa Farms The Home Depot $23.99

“This is one of my favorite succulents to grow indoors. Unlike other plants, it can survive a day of direct sunlight,” says Carter. “Place it in a pot with a drainage hole and water every two weeks only when the top two inches of soil are dry. To keep it looking fresh, just give dying or dry branches a snip.”


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