7 Sentimental Father’s Day Gifts That Will Help You Say ‘I Love You’

By Emily VanSchmus For B H & G

Dads can be hard to shop for. I usually take the practical route when it comes to Father’s Day gifts: Items like grilling supplies, power tools, or a sports jersey are all gifts I know he’ll use frequently, even if they’re not the most personal. But after spending so much time apart due to shelter-in-place orders, this year I wanted to give him something that would mean a little more. These heartfelt gift ideas will let your dad know how much he means to you, especially if you’re celebrating apart. Skip the traditional tie, order the perfect Father’s Day card, and give him something sweet and sentimental.

Adventure Print

For the dad who loves to travel, order an art print that combines all his favorite places. This print is available in five sizes and can be customized with up to ten locations. Have it made with maps of places you like to hike together, or combine your hometown with your extended family’s hometowns for a commemorative print of all the places your family is from. 

Buy It: Mountain Art Print, ($39.60, Etsy)a close up of a map: white canvas art print with triangle maps © Provided by Better Homes and Gardens white canvas art print with triangle maps

Digitize Family Memories

While my parents have been sheltering-in-place, my dad’s been digitizing old family photos and videos to share with the family. If you have a lot of family memories hidden away in the basement, use Legacybox to turn them into digital files Dad can put on his tablet or computer to look at whenever he wants. Or, give him a subscription to the service so he can choose what to send in. All you do is box up the original slides, photos, and tapes, and the experts at Legacybox will digitize them for you and mail the originals back.

Buy It: Digitizing Starter Kit, ($50, Legacybox)two people looking at photos on the floor © Provided by Better Homes and Gardens two people looking at photos on the floor

New York Times Puzzle

While this is certainly more of a fun gift than a practical one, it will definitely keep him busy during quarantine. This gift idea from The New York Times turns any date into a meaningful activity by turning the front page of the paper into a 300, 500, or 1000-piece puzzle. Get one of Dad’s birthday or the day he became a father. 

Buy It: Front Page Puzzle, ($50, The New York Times)a close up of text on a white background: puzzle shaped like the front page of the new york times © Provided by Better Homes and Gardens puzzle shaped like the front page of the new york times

Framed Photo Art

Commemorate a special family memory by turning it into a framed piece of art from Shutterfly. Whether you choose a family photo or a snapshot from your most recent vacation together, you can add text to your image (like your family’s name or the vacation spot) to personalize the print even more. 

Buy It: Gallery Border Art Print, ($32, Shutterfly)framed photos on a dresser ©Provided by Better Homes and Gardens framed photos on a dresser

On the Rocks Map Glass

If Dad enjoys the occasional glass of whiskey, get him a glass with a special meaning. These 11-ounce rocks glasses are etched with the map coordinates of different cities and are available in dozens of styles and locations, so you can pick one that will mean the most to Dad.  If he’s not a big drinker, get him a hometown coffee mug instead of a whiskey glass. 

Buy It: City Map Glassware, ($16, Well Told Design)an empty glass on a table: white canvas art print with triangle maps © Provided by Better Homes and Gardens white canvas art print with triangle maps

Memory Book

Photo books aren’t just for Mother’s Day! These gorgeous fabric-bound books are made to fill all of life’s best memories, and Dad will cherish the collection of prints you choose. Include photos of your favorite memories with Dad, or fill the book with pictures of his grandkids.

Buy It: Everyday Photo Book, ($59, Artifact Uprising)a person on the machine: photo book with children's photos inside © Provided by Better Homes and Gardens photo book with children’s photos inside

Sports Memorabilia

Give Dad something to commemorate a school or sports team you both support. I grew up going to college basketball games with my dad, so anything in the new Collegiate Collection from Catstudio is a no-brainer. Get him a set of towels for his next tailgate, or order an art print he can display at his desk. When sporting events come back, you’ll have the perfect excuse for a watch party. 

Buy It: Collegiate Collection Towels, ($21, Catstudio)a plate of food on a table: notre dame patterned towel on a table with chips and dip © Provided by Better Homes and Gardens notre dame patterned towel on a table with chips and dip


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