Plants Best for Shady Backyards

Gorgeous plants that love the shade! Add some of these beautiful varieties of annuals and perennials to your yard this year to bring color to the shady areas! #shadelovingplants #plantsthatloveshade #gardening #flowers #plants




These are perfect for those areas that only get a few morning rays of sun.  Keep them watered (but not soggy) and you’ll have another perennial plant that will come back year after year.   Varieties of pink, white, and purple flowers will add some gorgeous color to your shady yard.



Easy care (especially if you live in a warm climate), Caladiums have bright, big, showy leaves and they thrive in shade.  These are a good choice for inexperienced gardeners (or black thumb peeps like me).  If you start them when the soil is warm, you’ll have a perfect shade plant year after year.

They have vibrant hues of pink, green, white and mixed varieties.  And for all you hot climate living gardeners, these are perfect for you!

best plants to grow in shade caladium

Caladium Facts

  • Ideal for hot weather climates (perennials in zones 9 or higher)
  • Prefers shade and humidity
  • Does not like soggy soil
  • Can be grown as houseplants
  • Prefers and thrives in soil temps over 70 degrees



These are part shade perennials that can thrive in warmer climates year after year.  I’ve never actually grown these so I don’t have any personal experience, but it appears that you can buy seed packets of varying colors and have a brilliant display of color in your garden for years!

On my to do list for sure!  You can grow them from seed or purchase plants from a garden center.

And one other plus about these is they are deer resistant.  Nothing worse than walking outside to discover the deer feasted on all your gorgeous flowers all night.

plants that grow in shade primrose

Primrose Facts

  • Perennials
  • Zones 4-9
  • Doesn’t grow large, so ideal for borders – they grow about 4-18 inches wide and 6-12 inches high
  • They can thrive in the heat as long as you keep them watered
  • Primrose do best in soil that is enriched with organic matter



If you’ve ever been hiking through the woods or in a shady park, no doubt you’ve seen ferns hanging around.  There are tons of varieties of ferns that will love your shady areas in the yard!  Holly ferns are one variety in particular that love full shade but will also thrive in partial sun.

It can tolerate some cold temps and will be evergreen throughout the year.  If you’ve ever seen a big front porch in the South, you’ve probably seen hanging baskets of ferns!  These are very popular for their showy green color.

ferns - plants that grow in shade

Fern Facts

  • Prefers shade/filtered sunlight
  • There are several thousand varieties of ferns and can be annuals or perennials depending on your zone
  • Must be kept watered and ferns like organic soil

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