ESL Easter Lesson



ESL Easter Lesson


Easter is celebrated on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25. On Easter, people color eggs, have an Easter egg hunt, wear new clothes, watch parades, and eat dinner with their family and friends. Some people go to church. (3 pages)

Baby Chicken Hatching from an Egg What day of the week is Easter on?

    • It is on a Sunday.
  • We say “Happy Easter!”
Coloring Easter Eggs in Plastic Cups with Dye What is the child in this picture doing?

    • He is coloring hard boiled eggs for Easter.
    • The dye is in plastic cups.
  • Pink, yellow, blue, orange, and green are popular Easter colors.

Easter Lesson, Page 2


Two Easter Baskets with Colored Eggs What are these?

    • They are Easter baskets.
  • The Easter baskets are filled with colored eggs.
Girl Holding an Easter Basket Filled with Pink and Purple Eggs Why is the girl smiling?

  • She is smiling because she has a beautiful Easter basket.
Children Running at an Easter Egg Hunt What are these children doing?

    • They are collecting plastic Easter eggs.
    • They will put the eggs in their baskets.
  • There is candy inside the eggs.


Easter Lesson, Page 3


Chocolate Easter Bunnies What are these rabbits made of?

    • They are made of chocolate.
  • These chocolate rabbits are cute, and they taste delicious.


Rabbit with Long Ears What kind of animal is this?

    • It is a rabbit.
    • Children call baby rabbits bunnies, but they are really kits or kittens.
    • Rabbits have long ears and short tails.
  • Rabbits hop because their back legs are longer than their front legs.


Woman wearing an Easter Bonnet with Flowers for the Holiday What is this woman wearing on her head?

    • She is wearing an Easter bonnet.
    • An Easter bonnet is a fancy hat.
  • This bonnet is pink, and it has flowers on it.

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