Date Night At Home with These Creative Activities for Couples

With all of your everyday activities now completely combined under one roof–working from home, homeschooling kids, exercising, virtual happy hours, you name it–it’s understandable that things may get tense. Or, after the umpteenth Netflix marathon, you may simply find yourselves utterly bored.

Date night at home

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There’s no better time to mix things up. Put the kids to bed, turn off that show you’ve been binging, and try some of these at home activities for couples tonight. It just might turn into the quarantine date night you both desperately needed.

Host a wine tasting for two.

Break out a few of your favorite bottles, slice some cheese, and get ready to taste–no spit bucket necessary.

Watch your wedding video.

Footage from your favorite day isn’t reserved for anniversaries. Press play and get ready to be transported back to the happiest of times. Not married? Take a trip down memory lane by going through old photos instead.

Learn a few new dance moves.

If you haven’t danced in the living room since you were practicing for the first dance at your wedding, it’s time to bust a move. Turn on your favorite album, jump onto YouTube, and try out a tutorial. Looking for inspiration?

Break out a board game.

It only takes two to play some of the classics. Competitive couples be warned. It could get heated!

Fire up the fondue.

Indulge in warm cheese over homemade bread or melted chocolate over strawberries. Whether you go sweet or savory, there’s nothing like a batch of dipped bites to get you out of a dinner rut.

Try stargazing.

Grab a glass of wine and a pair of binoculars. Gaze up from your patio and see what constellations you can find. Bonus points if you keep your cell phone off the whole time.

Challenge each other to a video game marathon.

If you haven’t spent a whole evening trying to beat level 9 since college or high school, take a break from reality and step back in time for a night. Whether you plug in your old Super Nintendo or commandeer your kids’ Nintendo Switch, there’s nothing like the rush of finally beating the boss after the tenth try.

Treat each other to breakfast in bed.

…or dinner in bed if your kids are early risers. Take turns cooking for each other on two different days so the other person can relax completely. Just imagine it’s room service and enjoy a little staycation luxury.

Jot down your story.

The story of how you meet is a meaningful one, and we bet you both remember it a little bit differently. Put your history down on paper. Your kids will thank you one day.

Take a love language test and compare notes.

Think you know your partner? Think again. Take a quiz to see which of the five love languages–quality time, giving and receiving gifts, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch–is most important to your partner and which is more important to you.

Host a friendly cooking competition.

Test your skills, “Top Chef” style. Find two new recipes you’ve been meaning to try, set the stakes, and get cooking.

Make a travel bucket list.

Even though travel may feel like the furthest thing from the current stay-at-home reality, there’s no time like now to start thinking of all the places you want to go together once you finally can again. Close your eyes and envision future escapes to Carolina beaches, Smoky Mountain peaks, and vibrant Southern cities.

Try your hand at classic card games.

Gin rummy, go fish, war, speed–there are a slew of games waiting in that deck of cards collecting dust in your drawer.

Take turns watching each other’s favorite movies.

Your all-time favorite flicks may be completely different genres, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give each other’s a try. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy his action-packed movie or her lovely period drama.

Toss together a homemade pizza.

Sure, you can order a delivery pizza any day, but there’s a certain romance in the art of making a pie together. Scour the fridge for any fun leftovers you can throw on top to make something unique. Or if you’re a planner, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite pizza recipes.

What are your favorite date-night things to do?

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