5 Ways to Make Your Own Mother’s Day Special

By Megan Boettcher  for BH&G


I am happy to wake up early to a chorus of “Happy Mother’s Day,” and a homemade breakfast feast, complete with homemade cards, inexpensive flowers, and syrupy hands. We usually make Mother’s Day a family fun outing and go to the zoo or to an early spring baseball game. Whatever we do, it’s nice to spend the day together.

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Well, this year we’ve had plenty of days together as a family. In fact, our family of five has spent every day together since March 13. There’s nothing more I’d love to do on Mother’s Day weekend than get together with my mom and sister at a spa and then spend Sunday afternoon getting sunburnt at a baseball game. Ahh…to dream! Many of those things can’t happen right now because of social distancing measures, so this year I’m going to challenge myself and mothers everywhere: Treat yourself !

Take Time for Yourself

If you’re craving alone time, ask your partner to take the kids for a nice long walk, and leave you at home. Enjoy the silence. Take a nap. Read. Take a bath. Rock out to Bon Jovi. Do whatever makes you happy. If you’re dreaming of a family outing, like my typical afternoon baseball game, set up a backyard game, make an outdoor movie screen, have a lip-sync dance battle, or go for a drive through a local nature preserve.


Ask Only for What You Really Want

My husband is sweet but forgetful, and he’s famous for taking the kids to the store on the day before Mother’s Day to pick out a card, flowers, or a small gift. Since we aren’t taking the kids shopping with us right now and only shopping for essentials, this last-minute Mother’s Day gift run probably isn’t going to happen. But that’s OK because I’m making an “Acts of Service” wish list that he and the kids can do instead of gifts. Sure, it’s basically a list of my least favorite chores, but hey, not having to fold the laundry for a whole weekend is like gold to this mama.

Buy Yourself Something

Yes, I know your family could go online just as easily as you can (and maybe they will), but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy something nice for yourself. Is there a local store you’d like to support? Buy yourself a gift card or shop their online store. Does your athleisure wear collection need some updating? Now is the time! After all, they are also your work-from-home clothes now. Have your eye on some Etsy jewelry? Buy it! Your spouse isn’t going to find exactly the right thing unless you send the exact product link anyway. Just go for it.

Eat Well

If you’re lucky enough to have family members who cook or grill well, take advantage of that. Put in your menu request early and enjoy your favorite grub. If you are the cook, take the day off and support local restaurants that offer curbside pickup or delivery. Be sure to pick up your favorite treats and beverages on your next grocery run so you can enjoy the good snacks after the kids are in bed.

Control the Remote

Turn family movie night into a nostalgic walk down memory lane and introduce your kids to movies you loved as a child. My kids recently got a big kick out of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Or, put on Frozen 2 (again) for the kids, then take your laptop to another room and connect with your mom friends on a Netflix Party or video call. Once the kids are in bed make sure your partner knows it’s still the mom show, and enjoy unlimited chick flicks all night.

Create an At-Home Spa

It may not be the same as going to a real spa, but you can pamper yourself with a facial mask (such as this Brightening Face Mask Sheet, $9.99, Target) and some DIY bath bombs. Throw in a foot soak and a fresh coat of nail polish (like this Blame It On The Rainbow Nail Polish Duo, $15, Sephora) and you’ll feel like a new woman. If your little helpers are excited about spa day too, make it a mommy-and-me activity with facials for everyone. After all, when this year is a distant memory, you may want them to join you on Saturday for a pre-Mother’s Day outing. I know I’m already looking forward to the next time when I can sit with my mom and sister at the nail salon.


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