Here Are the Things I’ve Stopped Wearing, and What I Wear Instead

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A couple of weeks ago, our Social Media Editor, Abigail, sent our office a picture of a purse that was sold out and asked if anyone knew of anything similar.

Immediately, my mind went through an inventory of five different nearly identical ones that are available right now—there was one at Topshop, one at Nordstrom, one at Mango that was similar but not quite the same size. It took all of 30 seconds for me to find an almost exact replica of the nude, boxy, top-handle bag.

My point? Half of my mind consists of fashion and trends and what’s on the market and what’s dwindling out. I spend my work days researching trends and writing about them and styling outfits based on them, and I spend my after-work hours scrolling through Instagram and seeing even more content surrounding it.

All of this obviously affects how I dress too. While I definitely pick and choose which seasonal trends I’m going to go all in for, there are some consistencies I’ve noticed in things I used to wear, but now consistently avoid; it hasn’t happened overnight, and they aren’t items that are necessarily considered strictly out of style either. All of my has-been go-tos just couldn’t hold up to updated, similar versions that came along.

These are the pieces I no longer wear, and what I’ve replaced them with instead:


I’m the first to admit that sometimes I’ll see someone in ballet flats and think they look chic as all hell, but when it comes to what’s in and what’s not, other flat shoes have undoubtedly taken the reins. (It’s also hard to put a pair of ballet flats on my feet and not reminisce about wearing them every day of middle school.)


What I Wear Instead: Loafers

Loafers are kind of like ballet flats half-sister, but they’re the successful business-woman sister running into Thanksgiving late because she had a meeting she had to fly out for last-minute instead of the cute, innocent one making the pumpkin pie. Both have their strong suits and admirable qualities, but time and time again, I choose the former—especially for my day-to-day life.

Sam Edelman

Loraine Loafers

Dolce Vita

Halee Mule


The Alex Loafer

3 colors available



I wore skinny jeans exactly once over these past six months, and they made me feel … wrong.

There is absolutely a time and a place for skinny jeans. They can easily tuck into boots and are tempting to wear with tops that are more oversized to balance out proportions, but there are other jean styles that have taken over our lower halves over the past couple of years.


What I Wear Instead: Straight Jeans


A straight-leg jean can do something to your outfit that skinny jeans just can’t. They somehow make everything look more intentional and thought-out and make an outfit look like, well, a look, rather than something you just threw on. There are a million shapes and fits and lengths of straight-leg jean options available, and with a little bit of trial and error, you can find the perfect pair for your body (and once you see the wonders they do for your booty, you won’t look back).


Curve Love Straight Jeans

These are hands-down the best straight jean option for anyone who considers themselves a little fuller-thighed—they’ll still look “straight” without pulling or tugging.

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