The Garden Geeks Favorite Spillers


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Need help choosing “spillers” for your garden containers ?  Here is a handy inforgraphic that just might provide the answers for you.

The Garden Geeks Favorite Spillers

In no order of preference.

1. Purslane

2. String of Pearls

3. Deadnettle

4. Dwarf Morning Glory

5. Fan Flower

6. Pilea

7. Calibrachoa

8. Licorice Vine

9. Sweet Potato Vine

10. Bacopa

11. Ivy

12. Lobelia

13. Nasturtium

14. Nemesia

15. Petunia

16. Torenia

17. Verbena

18. Vinca

19. Zebrina

20. Alternanthera

21. Creeping Jenny

22. Moss Rose

23. Sedum

24. Dichondra


Thanks to the Garden Geeks for this info.

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