A sampling of trending swimwear for 2020.  Time to get ready for spring !



The Bandeau - Print: Cabana Stripe

The Bandeau – Print


The Comeback of Animal Print

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Animal Printed Swimsuits & Bikinis

Flirty Florals

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Floral Printed Swimsuits & Bikinis


Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: Tie-Dye Swimsuits & Bikinis

High Waisted Bottoms

Spring/ Summer 2020 Swimwear Trends: High Waisted Bikini Bottoms


One piece swimwear trends 2020

One piece swimwear trends 2020

Stripes on womens swimsuits 2020

Stripes on womens swimsuits 2020

Tropical prints in womens swimwear 2020

Tropical and animal prints in womens swimwear 2020




11 Grammar Mistakes Editors Hate the Most

By Molly Pennington & The Readers Digest

Slide 1 of 12: If you think you're (whoops!) your minor grammar errors are no big deal, think again! These little mistakes drive your readers crazy. Especially if that person happens to be an English teacher, college prof, word nerd, punctuation purist, or professional editor! Reader's Digest spoke with two grammar experts and uncovered the small mistakes you're making that can make any knowledgeable reader irrepressibly furious. Pay attention to these not-so-insignificant, easy-to-fix, and all-too-common grammar errors. Feeling like this doesn't apply to you? See if you can pass this high school grammar test—it's not as easy as you might think.

There you have it.  Food for thought from The Readers Digest.


How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus


Wearing a mask

Wearing a mask might not be particularly helpful, but it is still better than nothing. There is no proof that face masks can effectively protect from viral infections, but they can in some instances catch germs before they enter your mouth or nose. Even more importantly, they prevent people from touching their mouth or nose with their hands.

Wash your hands

Washing hands is probably the most important thing you can do to protect yourself from viruses. WHO recommends an alcohol-based disinfectant for hand washing, however simple water and soap will also remove more than 90 percent of all germs on your hands. Just make sure you wash your hands thoroughly, especially between the fingers and for at least 20 seconds.

When coughing and sneezing

When coughing and sneezing always raise your elbow and cover your mouth and nose. If you have a tissue or a paper on you, you can use it but remember to throw it away afterward and wash your hands.

Avoid close contact

Obviously try avoiding close contact with people suffering from fever and cough. If you need to get in touch with sick people, take every precaution.

You have a fever? Go to the doctor, not on a trip!

If you have fever and a cough, seek medical attention as soon as you can. Avoid public places so as not to infect others. If you have traveled abroad recently, make sure to tell your doctor.

Stay away from live animals

If you are visiting or living in China, make sure to avoid visiting livestock and green markets, especially in areas where there are currently cases of the new coronavirus. It is also probably smart to avoid direct unprotected contact with any animals in these areas. This also includes any surfaces that come in contact with animals.

Well heat-treated cooking

Cook, roast or fry meat thoroughly. Avoid consuming raw or insufficiently heat-treated animal products. Raw meat, milk or animal organs from the areas affected by the coronavirus could all potential carry the virus.

Article by Melissa Bell

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day gift article by Adrienne Farr & The Readers Digest


To double your love

If a dozen long-stems won’t do, consider a lucky bamboo plant that’s been trained to form two hearts ($29.98 and up), ProFlowers.com).

Best Valentine’s Day gift for shine

Stick to the script! These earrings say it all ($18 and up Etsy.com).

Best Valentine’s Day gift for smitten kittens

For ultra-cuddly couples: Hold hands and share the warmth with Smitten Mittens; other colors available ($60, Etsy.com).

Best Valentine’s Day gift for the big-hearted

If your honey has everything, spend your money on a worthy cause like the Save the Manatee Club, or hundreds of others that are meaningful to you two (SavetheManatee.org).

For more great gift ideas, go to:


What are Your Characters Motivations ?


When considering your characters’ motivations, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is a great place to start. If your character lacks any one of the elements in the hierarchy, they’ll likely harbor dissatisfaction in their lives. And remember, dissatisfaction is often the root of motivation.

Image Source:  Simply Psychology

Four Types of Character Motivations: Basic, Noble, Evil, Fear | How to Create Character Motivations That Will Rivet Your Readers via ShesNovel.com


February is Black History Month

Dr. Martin Luther King addresses the crowd at the March on Washington, 1963

Every year, Americans recognize February as Black History Month. The month is dedicated to recognizing the achievements of African Americans and celebrating the role they have played in the history of the United States.

The Origins of Black History Month

Black History Month, also known as National African American Month, has been recognized by all U.S. Presidents since 1976. Canada also recognizes Black History Month each February, while countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands celebrate in October.

In the United States, Black History Month traces its start back to 1915, The organization that is now known as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History was founded by historian Carter Woodson and minister Jesse Moorland.

Just over a decade later, the first Negro History Week was observed in 1926. The second week of February was chosen for the observance in honor of the birthdays of two men who played a substantial role in ensuring the rights and freedoms of African Americans, Abraham Lincoln, and Frederick Douglass.

This first event gave birth to what we now know as Black History Month. In 1976, Gerald Ford became the first president to officially proclaim the February observance. Every U.S. president since has followed suit. Each year, the achievements of African Americans are recognized with a designated theme. The theme for 2018 is African Americans in Times of War.

Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month with these ideas:

  • Learn about the contributions African Americans have made in American history and society. Choose one African American to study in-depth.
  • Learn about Civil Rights activists such as Martin Luther King Jr. or Rosa Parks.
  • Learn about important moments in the Civil Rights movement.
  • Read biographies about influential African Americans or popular books by black authors.
  • African Americans have been instrumental in the development of several music genres and styles of dance. Learn about some of these such as jazz, blues, hip-hop, or swing.
  • Look for a local venue, such as a history museum, to learn about African American leaders and history related to your state or town.
  • If you live near a site that played a pivotal role in African American history, go visit it.
  • Watch a movie or documentary that relates to the topic.



How well do you know Black History ?  Here’s a simple Famous Firsts Quiz to test your knowledge.

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The Garden Geeks Favorite Spillers


See the source image

Photo from Southern Gardens


Need help choosing “spillers” for your garden containers ?  Here is a handy inforgraphic that just might provide the answers for you.

The Garden Geeks Favorite Spillers

In no order of preference.

1. Purslane

2. String of Pearls

3. Deadnettle

4. Dwarf Morning Glory

5. Fan Flower

6. Pilea

7. Calibrachoa

8. Licorice Vine

9. Sweet Potato Vine

10. Bacopa

11. Ivy

12. Lobelia

13. Nasturtium

14. Nemesia

15. Petunia

16. Torenia

17. Verbena

18. Vinca

19. Zebrina

20. Alternanthera

21. Creeping Jenny

22. Moss Rose

23. Sedum

24. Dichondra


Thanks to the Garden Geeks for this info.