Oprah Winfrey’s $90 Million Montecito Home


I wonder if this was Oprah’s Valentine’s Day gift to herself.  Enjoy !

An aerial view shows Oprah's Montecito mansion.

The Promised Land

Oprah called her property the Promised Land, named after the land that God gave Adam in the Old Testament. Her main home is a 23,000-square-foot mansion in the Neo-Georgian style. It contains six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a library, theater, and ten fireplaces.

The property also has a fruit orchard, equestrian ring, and luxurious garden. Oprah has called this garden her “sanctuary.” However, she has never demonstrated an interest in training horses in her equestrian ring.

An aerial view shows Oprah's home in Montecito.

The Property

To get to Oprah’s house, you’d have to drive up a long, private driveway. This aerial view shows the home surrounded by lush lawns and pine, eucalyptus, ad oak trees. Although there is a pool, you can’t see it from this angle.

The First Thing That Visitors See

If you were to walk into Oprah’s Montecito home, this is the first thing you would see. The entrance hall includes antique tables that display Oprah’s personal photos. A custard-colored staircase spirals to the upper floors.

Oprah's entrance includes a yellow staircase with a painting and personal photos displayed.

For anyone who likes this layout, Oprah has bad news. In 2013, she suggested that she was planning to remodel the entrance hall. If she has redone it, she hasn’t posted any updated photos. Time will tell if she kept the creamy yellow staircase.

An Elegant Dining Room

Compared to the rest of her house, Oprah’s dining room appears small. But Oprah actually believes that it is too big. In O, Oprah said that she wanted “dinners to reflect my heart and spirit.” She also wants a space to be homey enough for “people to feel free to ask for seconds!”

Oprah's dining room has a table that seats up to ten people.

The dining table seats up to ten people and holds two dramatic candelabras.

Cooking With Oprah

Oprah enjoys several different design styles, and her kitchen is an example of this. Unlike other rooms, the kitchen has a rustic style with chicken statues and gentle, wood-colored walls. The wall behind the stove brings in some Tuscan elements.

Oprahs kitchen shows an island, counter, and fireplace.

A Closet That Many Would Dream About

This is only a portion of Oprah’s massive Montecito closet. If you’ve ever wondered how many outfits she has, now you know. Shelves upon shelves of shoes, cardigans, shirts, and purses create no shortage of fashionable options to wear.

A peek inside Oprah's closet shoes shoes, clothes, and bags neatly stored.

Like the rest of her home, Oprah shows off her design and organization skills here. Her shoes and clothing are mainly color-coded. Oak shelves are bathed in a warm light that makes it feel like a studio. And of course, there’s a TV for entertainment.

Orpah’s Preferred Bathtub

During a 1998 interview with Vogue, Oprah expressed how she spend much time looking for the best quality bathtub. “I majored in bathtubs,” she joked. So it’s no surprise that her tub at Montecito is luxurious.

An opulant bathtub is in Oprah's bathroom at her Montecito estate.

Oprah mentioned that her love of bathrooms came from childhood when she had to clean her family’s single bathtub. Her Montecito bathroom includes a huge circular bathtub and a roomy shower with a seat. And that view of the Santa Ynez mountains is to die for!

A More Muted Living Room

Compared to the other living room, this room’s design is tame. Coral walls and olive green couches are easier on the eyes than the plaid. However, the sheer amount of decorations and ornate pillows adds quite a bit of detail to this room.

One of Oprah's living rooms has coral-colored walls and green couches.

Oprah’s Sanctuary

When Oprah bought her Montecito property, it came with a structure built for a rose garden. But that didn’t suit Winfrey’s taste, according to Veranda. Instead, she adorned her garden with lilies, dahlias, daffodils, irises, and honey dijon.

Oprah's garden features hedge arches, flowers, and wooden arches.

Oprah’s garden was designed by the rose expert Dan Bifano, who also worked for Tom Ford and Barbra Streisand. The entire garden features networks of arches, cypresses, and hedges. It’s no wonder why Oprah called her garden a “sanctuary.”

A $3 Million Statue

If a visitor were to walk the paths around Oprah’s estate, they would come upon an unusual bronze statue. The artwork is called Grupo de quarto Mujeres de Pie and it was made by the Mexican painter and sculptor, Fransisco Zuniga. Reportedly, Oprah paid around $3.1 million for it.

Oprahs statue, the Grupo de quarto mujeres de pie, stands in her yard.

When translated, the statue is called “A Group of Four Standing Women.” Each of the women represents a different stage of life.

Sorry, Oprah didn’t share her bedroom photo’s with us, but there is much more to see at:


Photo credit:   YouTube/The Classy

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