How To Create Gorgeous Garden Color Schemes

By Wanda Simone–From House to Home

Garden Color Schemes

Start with the feeling you want the garden to have. Then pick a “contrast level”.

Most soothing gardens use low contrast color schemes.

Energizing gardens often use high contrast color schemes. Although a long line of red flowers is pretty energizing, even if they are planted in a low contrast color scheme.

Low Contrast Garden Color Schemes

Monochromatic Colors

Monochromatic garden color schemes are one of the easiest to create, and they don’t require a color wheel to get you started.

Monochromatic pink garden color scheme with peonies and roses

Pink peonies with lighter pink roses are an easy combination that I use in my backyard for a late spring monochromatic garden color scheme.

Analagous Colors

Analogous colors on a color wheel drawing

High Contrast Garden Color Schemes

Now we’re on to the high contrast garden color schemes that are really effective for creating interesting and energetic flower gardens.

Complemetary Colors

Complementary colors on a color wheel drawing

A complementary garden color scheme is created by selecting colors that are opposite to each other on the color wheel.

Yellow and purple garden color scheme with purple lupines and yellow day lilies ©yolfran -


Because of the color placement on the wheel, you’ll end up with a warm and a cool color in your garden bed which increases the color contrast and automatically adds some excitement to your yard.

For Dual Complementary Colors and Triadic Colors, see Wanda’s website:

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