Top 12 Garden Seed Catalogs – 2020

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One of the hardest decisions a gardener must make is where to buy their garden seeds, plants and supplies. Especially when so much is now available online. Here at The Garden Glove, we have several favorite garden seed catalogs and suppliers, and we update this list every January. This list has been updated for 2020. Here is some info on our top picks that we use ourselves, and our experience with them, along with their website information. Log onto their websites and request their catalogs today to have seeds in time for spring planting! Or order online like I do… And check out our favorite choices for buying live plants online at the end! And now on to our list of the best 2020 garden seed catalogs!

Top 12 Garden Seed Catalogs


Just in time fellow gardeners, a seed catalog party.  Grab a cup and relax as Garden Glove relates their experiences at 12 of the best seed company’s in America.  Here is a link for you to begin reading:

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