The Caregiver Also Needs Help.

However, at some point, we all need to reach out

to feel someone’s touch that will rekindle God’s love.


On the surface of the water

In the velvet folds of night,              

Can be heard a lonely whisper,

“I am desperate for light.”


Drifting through miles of darkness,

Blind to obstacles nearby,

I still keep on my journey,

Even though I don’t know why.


I still want to be most helpful,

And  plant a tiny, little seed

In the heart of another,

And be there in time of need.


I would like to create beauty

And watch it grow across the land.

I’m hoping to inspire goodness

By reaching out a helping hand.


Sometimes my soul needs renewal,

When I’m feeling dark despair.

All it takes is one kind word,

To spread God’s love every where.


By Yu/stan/kema.

Reflections of a Mindful Heart and Soul



Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who never stop learning. Learning will also nourish your personal growth. I hope you enjoy this website and visit often so you keep learning and growing too!

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