Super Bowl Sunday in America

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What is this truly American phenomenon ?  Well, its a game of football of course.  Not really a game using the foot, like soccer, this is a running, throwing, catching, blocking, tackling, scoring game completely different than soccer where the object is to not catch the ball or touch it unless you’re the goalkeeper.  The foot comes into play when the ball needs to be punted, kicked off, or used to kick a point after a touchdown.  Got it ?  Simple really.  The object: Who can score the most points via touchdowns (6), field goals (3) or points after (1 or sometimes 2).  That determines the winner and bragging rights.

Careers, no legends, are made or destroyed depending on the play of the players, coaches,  and the outcome of the game.  There are winners and losers depending on which team scores the most points.  However, the real winners are the sports betting houses or bookies if on the right side of the bet.

This year, #54, the Super Bowl will be held on Sunday, February 2. Kick-off time is at 5:30 PM CST and will be played in Miami, Florida.  If you have about $3000, you might still pick up a ticket to attend the game, but that price could soar as we get closer to game time.

CBS Sports describes the 2 teams competing this way:

“We’re just two days away from finding out which team is going to walk away from Super Bowl LIV as champions. Will it be the Kansas City Chiefs, featuring Patrick Mahomes leading the charge on offense and Tyrann Mathieu spearheading an opportunistic defense, getting Andy Reid his first Super Bowl title? Or will the fierce San Francisco 49ers defense rise to the challenge as Jimmy Garoppolo leads the offense to a win, giving Kyle Shanahan his first Super Bowl title?

The game also has major historical significance. San Francisco hasn’t won a Super Bowl in 25 years, while you can double that number for the Chiefs. We’ll have the league’s hottest offense going against what could be the best defense over the course of the entire season. But is it really a battle between new school (the Chiefs, pass first) and old school (the Niners, run first)? The truth is, it’s really a battle between two great teams that are dominant on one side of the ball and very close to it on the other side. Now, there’s one more question: Who wants it more?”

That’s what it is and where we’re at right now.  Who wants it more, who will get the lucky bounce, the most yards run or passed, the most touchdowns, the fewest yards allowed, etc.  The answer will come between 9-10:00 PM CST barring overtime.

To prepare to watch, stock the fridge with alcoholic beverages, appetizers that can be zapped quickly in a microwave, various munchies, and buy the biggest tv you can afford. As this is the biggest and last game of the 2019-20 football year, you don’t want to miss this one.  It should prove to be one of the best.  Even if not a football fan,  don’t forget the commercials.  That’s right.  Some people just watch because of the commercials that appear on screen.  Some take on a life of their own.

The half-time show generates some interest depending on whose performing.  Jennifer Lopez, and Shakira are headlining this years entertainment.  That duo should provide viewers with a real treat of music and dance.

So, let the game begin.  Are you a 49er’s fan or a Chief’s fan.  In a few days we’ll know who the best is this football year.  Stay tuned, my friend.  Stay tuned.

Author: Dennis Hickey

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