‘Harmless’ Habits That Are Aging You Faster Than You Can Imagine

Wow.  I had no idea.  Some of these habits, like drinking thru a straw, are ingrained into our culture.  BTW, this photo collage is not meant to scare you, just make you aware that some of the choices we make may not kill us, but age us terribly.  Read on:

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Barring factors outside of our control, the key to living a long life is simple — at first glance. Eat a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly, don’t smoke, and get between six and eight hours of sleep each night. But the reality is a lot more complicated.

Repetitive facial movements such as frowning and drinking through a straw have been known to be one of at least 20 mistakes people make that may be aging them. There is so much more we do during the day that affects our longevity. What we do with our bodies has a significant impact on how we feel — and how we look.

The skin is one of the first organs that will show signs of aging — wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, discoloration — but it’s not the only one. Our brain, lungs, eyes, and ears can also be damaged by what we do or don’t do.

Using your phone for everything

Applying sunscreen only in the summer

Wearing a hat instead of sunglasses

Rubbing your eyes

Taking hot showers


Author: Dennis Hickey

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