Perfect Perennial Shrubs for your Garden

I know it’s only been 1 week of winter here in Chicago, but already I’m thinking spring.  I’m thinking shrubs for the backyard.  I found this article that interested me and I thought it might do the same for you.  Have a look !

The most perfect perennial shrubs for your garden

Looking for that amazing “pop” of color in your garden or landscape? A plant that makes a statement and really stands out against your backdrop?

Enter… flowering perennial shrubs (or bushes). Perennial shrubs add balance and color to your landscape.

Flowering shrubs rhododendron garden
A garden of flowering rhododendron shrubs (Rhododendron ponticum). Rhodys not only flower profusely in spring, but their leaves are evergreen and stay on the shrub all winter long!

I love flowering shrubs because they can really catch the attention of passerbys. If you’re following my garden pyramid for planting success, you have already chosen your ornamental tree(s) and evergreen shrubs.

Flowering shrubs make the perfect choice for right in front of your evergreen backbone planting. So, place your perennial shrubs in front of a row of evergreens  to really make them POP.

These flowering bushes can add lots of long-lasting color and personality and are large enough to make a big statement. In fact, a lot of the perennial shrubs I’ll mention bloom for weeks and even months on end.

And… when they are done blooming, your sturdy evergreen foundation will keep your garden from looking bare and messy.  Once you choose the perennial shrubs that are right for your garden, you’ll see your landscape really start take shape.

The best perennial shrubs for color and texture

Let’s get to the fun stuff! These are my picks for the BEST perennial shrubs to add color and texture to your landscape.

Long Blooming & Easy-Care Perennial Shrubs

Here are some of my favorite perennial shrubs that you can plant in your own garden. I really love these options because not only do they bloom for weeks and sometimes months on end, but they don’t require much effort at all.

The only maintenance you’ll need to do is watering and fertilizing. After planting these shrubs you should supplement their water supply until the roots get established.  Beyond that, they should be able to handle the weather if you get about an inch of rain each week.

Many people find flowering shrubs to be difficult to grow. The biggest issue that I see, is that most people do not fertilize flowering shrubs at all or enough. Any plant, shrub or tree in your garden that is a prolific bloomer needs to be fertilized.

It takes a lot of energy for her to look so beautiful for you every day! So… you should pick up some flower fertilizer and follow the feeding instructions provided. My favorite is Espoma Rose-Tone Rose and flower food if you are looking for a specific recommendation!

Ok – onto my recommendations for the best perennial flowering shrubs for you to try in your own garden!

Perennial Shrubs To Add Color and Texture To Your Garden

Knockout Rose Bush

perennial shrub
Sunny Knock Out® Shrub Rose (Rosa SUNNY KNOCK OUT ‘RADsunny’)

Zones: 5-11 | 3-4’W x 3-4’W | Full Sun

Knockout or double knockout roses are easy to grow, don’t require special care and bloom up to 9 months of the year — literally from spring until the end of fall when it starts to frost.

Knockout roses come in a couple different variations of color. Most are in the hot pink (Rosa PINK KNOCK OUT ‘Radcon’) to blush pink (Rosa x ‘Radgor’), or yellow family (Rosa SUNNY KNOCK OUT ‘RADsunny’) .

You get the idea.  There’s some excellent tips if you too are looking for a pop in your yard.  Check out Amy’s website for more.

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