Ice Castles in the U.S.

Yesterday, I posted an article about an Ice Castle being built in Lake Geneva, Wis.  I thought today I would post another article on all 5 USA locations as there could be one near you to visit.  So here there are:


A company called the Ice Castle Project sets up ice castles all over North America, in places where the climate is suitable for ice.

Sorry, Florida!

As soon as winter approaches, they start a drip system to create the ice castles, which are then carved into magical creations. Lights and music are added, creating a winter wonderland for visitors willing to brave the cold for a unique night out.


The ice castles usually open after the holidays and continue to grow throughout the season as more ice is added and some daytime melting takes place. In 2018, they had five US locations and one in Edmonton, Canada.

  • Dillon, Colorado – located about 90 minutes from Denver near Dillon Reservoir, this is a great addition to your ski trip in Keystone, Breckenridge or Copper Mountain.
  • Excelsior, Minnesota – this Midwest ice castle is located about 30 minutes west of the Twin Cities, near the Minnetonka Lakes area.
  • Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – Two hours from Chicago or 90 minutes from Madison, Lake Geneva is all about winter fun. In addition to the Ice Castle, they have an annual Winterfest that includes the US National Snow Sculpting Competition.
  • Lincoln, New Hampshire – nestled in the White Mountains, the New Hampshire Ice Castle is less than 2 ½ hours from Portland, Burlington, and Boston.
  • Midway, Utah – not far from Park City, Deer Valley and Salt Lake City, the Utah ice castle is the perfect add-on for your Wasatch Mountains ski trip.


Photo Credit: AJ Mellor

Tips for Visiting Ice Castles

If you haven’t visited ice castles before, these tips will help you have a good time!

  • Warm Boots are a must. Make sure you have warm snow boots with good traction and warm socks underneath.
  • Insulated gloves will help keep your hands warm, which is key if you want to crawl through some of the tunnels and slides.
  • Wear warm layers that you can easily add and remove. Most ice castles sell hot drinks and many have a fire pit where you can warm up, so having good layers for you and your kids will keep everyone comfortable!
  • Tuck a Hot Hands hand warmers to your gloves or boots to help keep the cold to a minimum.
  • Waterproof pants are best if you plan to be crawling around through tunnels or going down any slides at the castles.
  • Use the toilet before you get all bundled up. Most ice castles are built at temporary, outdoor areas, so you’ll be using a frozen porta-potty if you have to go!
  • Try to arrive before sunset so you can experience the ice castle in daylight and when it is lit up for the evening.
  • Pack a thermos of hot chocolate for the drive home.


Photo Credit: AJ Mellor

Article by Tonya Prater


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