How to Make a Rustic Holiday Greenery Swag

This year, skip the big box stores and deck your doors and windows with fresh evergreen clippings sourced right from your own backyard. This simple, farmhouse-inspired swag makes quick work of holiday decorating while infusing your front door with a major dose of country Christmas charm.


Build a Greenery Base

Lay a one to two-foot (depending on how long you want your swag to be) piece of fluffy greenery vertically on your work surface. Cut a piece half that size and lay it on top, toward the bottom, to add fullness (Image 1). Wire the pieces together with green floral wire (Image 2). Pro tip: You can buy evergreen stems from your local florist or grab cuttings from your backyard, like we did.

Fill It Out

Cut four shorter stems and place them on either side of the center clippings, toward the top, creating an upside-down triangle shape (Image 1). Wire them to the center clippings. Continue to cut and layer greenery until you achieve the desired shape and fullness. Finish with another long, fluffy clipping on top to hide your work (Image 2).

Tie Bells Together

Thread jute rope through the top of the biggest bell and secure with a slip knot. Learn how to tie a slip knot here. Top the knot with a wood bead, then attach a second, smaller bell about three inches up the rope using another slip knot. Top that knot with another wood bead, then leave a generous amount of excess rope (or don’t cut it from the spool yet) and set aside.

Combine Bells & Greenery

Center the bells on the swag (Image 1), then thread the rope through the greenery at the top (Image 2). Finish with an upside-down slip knot, leaving a large loop for hanging. Trim excess rope. Use floral wire to secure the rope beneath the knot to the greenery stems.

Add Some Color

Add a dab of high-temp hot glue to the ends of faux berry picks and disperse throughout the arrangement (Image 1). Tie two simple shoestring bows using your favorite ribbon (we chose gray velvet and simple white), then glue them just under the top knot, hiding any exposed greenery stems or floral wire (Images 2, 3 & 4).

Maintain & Enjoy

Spritz greenery lightly with water about once a week, during the day when temps are above freezing, being careful not to soak the bell or ribbon. If some of your greenery starts to brown or fade, simply clip it out and replace with a fresh piece. With regular maintenance, your swag should last a month or more in cooler climates.

Thanks to HGTV for this timely article.

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