Conversation Questions–Christmas II

More Christmas questions for you to ask.

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When do you open Christmas presents? (On what day? At what time?)
When do you put up a Christmas tree?
If you don’t put up a Christmas tree, do you put up other decorations?
When does your family decorate the Christmas tree?
Where are you going for Christmas vacation?
Where do you think Santa Claus is from?
Where will you go on Christmas Day?
Who do you expect to receive presents from?
Who is Santa Claus?
Do you know the history of Santa Claus?
At what age did you begin not believing in Santa Claus?
Who was at your house last Christmas?
Who will you give presents to this year?
Who would you like to be with on Christmas?
Will you go skiing during the Christmas vacation?
Will you have a Christmas party at your home?
Will you spend Christmas vacation with your family or your friends?
Will you travel abroad during the Christmas vacation?
Would you like to go skating during Christmas vacation?
Why do people give out Christmas cards with gifts and presents at Christmas time?
Why some people do not like Christmas?
Do people behave differently during Christmas? Do they try to be better?
Do you donate something (money, clothes…) to charities?
Do you give something to homeless people?
How long do Christmas trees last?
Do you use an artificial tree?
What do you usually do on Christmas day?
What people usually do on Christmas day?
Why do people sometimes write “Christmas” with an “X”? (Xmas)
Do you have a big and delicious dinner on Christmas day?
Does it break your heart knowing that your children have grown up and this year will be their last Christmas at home?
If you had a million dollars, what would you do during Christmas time?
If you could change something about Christmas time, what would it be?
When do you put up your Christmas tree?
How is Christmas celebrated in the United States?
Do you have a big and delicious dinner in Christmas?
What kind of food do you usually eat in your country?
Do you remember Christmas celebrations you had as a child?
What was the most regretful thing about this year?
Does it break your heart knowing that your children have grown up and this year will be their last Christmas at home?
What did you get for Christmas? What did you give for Christmas?
What’s the best thing you left out for Santa Clause to eat on Christmas?
Trivia: In what 1942 movie was the song ‘White Christmas” first sung?
Do you ever think about the real meaning of Christmas?
Do you go skiing at Christmas time?
Whose birthday is celebrated on Christmas?
Which comes first, Christmas or New Year’s Day?
What is the significance of a Christmas tree?
What does it represent for you?


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