25 Fun Christmas Party Themes

You’ll feel inspired to deck more than just the halls with these original ideas.  Way Better Than Another Ugly Sweater Party

By Caroline Picard and Katie Bourque

Christmas party themes

The holiday season is in full swing: You’ve found a white elephant gift everyone will try to steal, baked some cookies that will make Santa’s mouth water, stocked up on some pretty amazing Christmas gifts, and even your nails are looking festive. Everything is coming together! But you’ve come to to realize something — all of the holiday parties you’ve been attending this year are basically the same, and it’s up to you to mix things up. These Christmas party themes will take your own holiday celebration to the next level.

Whether you want to host a countrified Christmas, harmonize to your favorite carols, relax in your comfiest pajamas, or make your loved ones dress up like the Grinch, there are plenty of party themes that will make your get together feel fun and original. Click through these party ideas to get some inspiration for your greatest celebration yet.


1 Party Theme: Reverse Christmas in July

Christmas Santa Claus Enjoying Tropical Beach Vacation Holiday Travel

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The beachgoers among us are familiar with Christmas in July, a midsummer excuse to celebrate with some yuletide cheer. Bring that summer vacation vibe to the holiday vacation by firing up the hot tub and playing The Beach Boys’ Christmas album. Party guests should bring their most festive swimsuits!


2 Party Theme: Characters of Christmas

Portrait enthusiastic young women wearing Christmas reindeer antlers and drinking champagne at party

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Costume parties aren’t just for Halloween. There are plenty of recognizable and easy to recreate characters to choose from, like Santa, Santa’s elves, Scrooge, or even a busy working woman who winds up falling in love with a town obsessed with Christmas (hello, Hallmark Christmas movies!).


3 Party Theme: 12 Days of Dip

Healthy green yoghurt  smoothie and beetroot  dip

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Appetizers are the best part of the meal anyway. Invite your friends to bring their favorite chip dip for this casual spin on a traditional potluck. Plus, there are plenty of great, low cal recipes you can try.

4 Party Theme: Christmas Pajama Party

Baby it's cold outside

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You don’t need high heels and Spanx for a successful Christmas party. Have your girls over for a night of wine and Christmas flicks in your comfiest PJs.

5 Party Theme: Ho Ho Ho-down

Southern Hemisphere Christmas

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Who says cowgirl boots and Santa hats don’t match? For a country twist on your traditional Christmas party, play these country Christmas classics that will have your friends line dancing all night.


6 Party Theme: Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire

Roasting on an open fire

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Nat King Cole was right about one thing, there is something magical about roasted chestnuts around Christmas. Packed with Vitamin C, they’re also a healthy treat. Try roasting your own with friends these holiday season (though they’re equally delicious pre-roasted).


7 Party Theme: DIY Christmas Ornaments

Midsection Of Woman Preparing Bauble
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I could go on, but I’m running out of space.  To continue to see more themes, just click on the link.  18 more themes to check out before the big event.


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