War-Time Thanksgiving

Let the photo’s tell the story.

Thanksgiving RVN

November 16, 1966 - Army trooper enjoys an early Thanksgiving dinner in the field.

Thanksgiving Day Menu Vietnam 1966, 7th Surgical Hospital

Thanksgiving Day Menu Vietnam 1966:  		This is the actual menu that was given to each soldier on Thanksgiving  Day.  The US Army always tried to provide a traditional Thanksgiving  meal to us regardless of where we were.  I don’t think we had  everything listed on the menu, but many of the items were there.  The  cooks always did their best on Thanksgiving Day.  It was always a  special day in the Army.

1970 Thanksgiving 24th Evac

Thanksgiving 26 Nov 1970 24th Evac.

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Photo by we are the mighty

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The 25th Division troops chow down in Afghanistan 2011, Stars and Stripes


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