Underwater Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away


Earth’s landscapes offer much to behold — but it’s equally stunning, in an entirely different way, under the surface of the sea.

In the depths of our oceans (and lakes and rivers), you’ll find extraordinary creatures and settings so striking, they don’t look like they’re from our planet at all.

Here, we’re sharing some of our favorite underwater pictures, taken off the coasts of Australia, Mexico, Hawaii and beyond. It’s the next best thing to donning a wetsuit and diving in yourself.


Kayaking at sunset in Papua, Indonesia


Going for a swim off the coast of Hawaii’s Waikiki Beach



Finding solitude beneath the sun-dappled sea in Oahu, Hawaii


Befriending sea turtles in Oahu, Hawaii


Shallow-water swimming in Slovenia’s Lake Jasna


Lemon sharks patrolling the seas in the Bahamas

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii@galen.neil/Instagram


Author: Dennis Hickey

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