It’s Time to Talk Turkey

The clock is ticking, the day is getting nearer.  That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving Day fast approaching.  Are you ready for it ?  We in the U.S. think of this day as the start of the holiday season, which won’t end until the day after New Years Day.

Employers think of this as la-la time as many employees have something other than work on their minds.  First, its’s Thanksgiving, then the Black Friday shopping adventure, followed by Cyber Monday when shoppers go crazy buying on the web.  Next,  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are the best/worst days of the year depending on your family situation.  We top it all off with a  New Years Eve celebration to beat all and New Years Day football marathon to kick back.  Whew.  No wonder it’s call la-la time.

So let us begin at the beginning.  Thanksgiving, the busiest travel time for Americans, is November 28 this year (My birthday-no presents please).  It’s always the fourth Thursday of November which this month is quite late.  A good thing for those who must prepare the meal, but a bad thing for shoppers as their time for shopping has been reduced by about a week.

Now about the turkey, and the trimmings.  It’s time to plan the meal to prepare it, or to order it, or to make reservations to visit the host of restaurants that will be serving it to you and your party.  That sounds ideal, but does take away the intimacy of the event.  Either way, get cookin’.  Time is marching on.  This year, no last minute preparations.  You got this, so just do it.  Make this a very…


Author: Dennis Hickey

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