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This is what Cyber Monday is all about. Would you rather be the shopper on the left or on the right ? If you said right, then you are a true Cyber Monday shopper. It’s all about using cyber space to shop rather than fighting the crowds in now extremely crowded stores and malls.  Are there deals to be had ? You bet there are.  It’s why this day is almost as popular as Black Friday.    And guess what ?  It’s not just an American phenomenon.  It’s also popular in Australia, The U.K., Japan, Russia, Israel, Argentina, Uganda and dozens more countries.

Why so popular ?  It offers a way for smaller retail websites to compete with larger chains.  Since its inception, it has become an international marketing term used by online retailers across the world.

In 2017, Cyber Monday online sales grew to a record $6.59 billion, compared with $2.98 billion in 2015, and $2.65 billion in 2014 with the average order value being $128.

The New York Times reported: “The name Cyber Monday grew out of the observation that millions of otherwise productive working Americans, fresh off a Thanksgiving weekend of window shopping, were returning to high-speed Internet connections at work Monday and buying what they liked.”  So the picture of the woman above is likely her at work using her company’s computer to order some holiday presents, at a discount of course.

Cyber Monday appears to have taken hold in shopping history and will likely continue as long as there are shoppers, and high-speed internets.


Author: Dennis Hickey

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