Creating A Gallery Wall

Kelley Prince-Wright posted an article about decorating a gallery wall.  Fantastic post.  I wanted to expand on her idea because the changing seasons here in the U.S. offers the perfect time to redo the wall.
How to Create a Gallery Wall

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There are few things more picture-perfect than a well-curated gallery wall, but my goodness, they can be really difficult to pull off! We love them because they are endlessly flexible and customizable and reflective of you, but sometimes, that’s what can make them feel daunting. Today, we’re sharing some tips for transforming your wall into a personal gallery that complements your space while staying true to the story of you.

Keep It Consistent

A unified aesthetic is key if you want to create a photogenic gallery wall. Try to imagine your wall as a literal art gallery—would you expect to find these pieces at the same exhibition?

It’s also important to keep your canvas in mind. If you have a tall and narrow area, consider mirroring the space through artwork that is framed in a similar manner.


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Tell A Story

The best gallery walls do more than paint a pretty picture—they tell your very own story! Place your favorite gem in the center and build outward, layering in additional pieces in a variety of sizes and styles to convey a ‘collected over time’ appeal.


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Find Your Frame

Frames shouldn’t be an afterthought. Put the same amount of time into selecting your frames as you did your prints—they set the stage for the art and help shape the collection.


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Plan Your Placement

I’ll be the first to admit that this is the most difficult step for me! I am the queen of uneven, which leaves unnecessary holes all throughout my walls.

It’s important to play with different layouts on the floor to find the one you like best. Then, cut scrap paper to the size of each piece of artwork, and use painter’s tape to mock-up the arrangement on the wall. You’ll gain a good sense of how the artwork fills the space and can make any necessary adjustments—before you bust out the hammer.


Photo: @the_house_that_jen_built

Challenge Convention

Think outside the box, and don’t limit yourself to traditionally framed artwork! Use a mixture of media, like textiles or sculptures, to create real freshness and depth.


Photo: @styleithome

Showcase A Shade

Here’s a secret: a single hue in varying tones can magically tie a whole room together. The same goes for your gallery wall, so choosing a single color can serve as a common thread that will tie your collection together beautifully.

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