TV Commercial Rant

There are certain types of tv commercials that tend to drive me up a wall.  Commercials for prescription meds, commercials for weight loss products and, my favorite, commercials for insurance company’s.

Prescription meds are perfect for those who have scaly, reptilian skin or those who seek relief from the pain of arthritis.  But really.  The side effects are horrendous.  OK, dry mouth we can live with, sunlight sensitivity-ok wear sunscreen, but when side effects include risk of hearing voices, growing a third arm in the middle of one’s back or the “usual” risk, chance of stroke, maybe it’s time to just bear the malady.

Weight loss commercials are another pet peeve of mine.  Does Marie Osman keep gaining and losing the same 50 pounds that she says she has lost on her diet plan ?  Or does she simply remove her 50 pound hair piece and call it a weight loss ?  I just want to know that if I were to lose 50 pounds, would I gain it all back and more when switching back to regular food ?  Spill the beans, Marie !

By far my fav commercials are insurance ones.  My lord, how many “mascots” does one company need to hawk its product.  I’m referring to G….(who shall remain nameless) as an example of overkill of spokespersons, alive or animated.  First it was a friendly gecko, followed by a friendly female (Flo) who morphed into playing multi-characters at the same time.  Then came the guys who looked alike , or not. The gypsy fortune teller, the half-man, half-motorcycle, that’s right, Casper the friendly ghost, etc.  If nothing else, they are all just a bunch of friendlies trying their best to snatch your money.  Hey, how about cutting back on your commercials and passing that saving on to your customers !  Uh oh.  Almost forgot friendly Dennis Quaid telling us that his ad is really just a commercial for insurance, no kidding.  Lately a new mascot/buddy has appeared, an emu and a sorta over-eager sidekick guy.  And how about the trouble-making mayhem guy.  Lately, he’s playing an anti-social cat. Unbelievable.

I know I missed a few, but fear not-more will come, friendly folks and animated what-cha-ma-call-its all designed to tell you how they are all saving you money, cuz you know you are in good hands with them.

Author: Dennis Hickey

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