Trick or Treat Here ? Yes or No ?

April 07 2018 at 12:11PM

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Ten Haunted Abandoned Houses In The World | The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia

Ten Haunted Abandoned Houses In The World | The Axe Murder House,Villisca, Iowa, USA

Archetype Haunted House.

Beautiful Abandoned Places on Instagram: “Abandoned house in West Virginia. Photography by @j.meade.images . . . . . . #itsabandoned #decay #ruins #explore #urbex #UrbanExploring…”

13 Chilling Real-Life Haunted House Stories

Yes ?  OK, it’s settled.  Let’s all meet up and go trick or treating and later have hot chocolate at my laboratory, uh….home.


It’s almost here !  Thursday, October 31.  Get the candy ready…..or else !!


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