Top 10 European Countries

OK, so someone had more time on their hands than usual and spent that time on making a top ten list of the best Euro countries.  Not France, Not Vatican City, not Switzerland.  So what countries did make the top ten list ?

10. Germany

There are many things that make Germany great, from its boots of beer to its divine cuisine (Pretzels! Spätzle! So many sausages!) to its distinctive mix of fraught history and progressive present.

But all that pales in comparison to its really big words.

We’re big fans of Germany mostly because of its language and the many awesome singular words that describe something more complex. Everyone knows schadenfreude and wanderlust, but how about kummerspeck and backpfeifengesicht? Respectively, they mean the weight gained from emotional stress and the need to slap someone in the face who definitely has it coming.

The German language is the best language, basically.

9. Hungary

You definitely need an appetite when you travel in Hungary, as it easily has the most underrated food scene in all of Europe. It might not be as refined as French food or as creative as Spanish cuisine, but it checks off all the boxes when it comes to simple and flavorful, starting with perfectly satisfying cheeses and breads.

Add to that a wine industry that’s also massively overlooked and enough urban-rural interplay to satisfy everyone, and we’ll pretend those centuries of autocracy were just a phase.

8. Italy

Italy has its quirks — half a million exorcisms take place there annually, wine flows freely from fountains in town squares and locals drink an unseemly amount of caffeine every day.

Then again, it has the best wine and food in the world and some of the oldest, most interesting cities you’ll ever see, from arts-hub Florence to history-mecca Rome to fashion-forward Milan.

So really, it doesn’t matter how weird Italy can be. We’ll still never want to leave.

7. Sweden

They put blonde hair dye in the water here and only eat cured fish, so how could it rank so high?

Because of its global contributions to those little things called prosperity, equality, science and technology, and health, that’s why.

Locals know how to treat strangers well, they actually give parents time off to raise their kids, and if the economy isn’t humming along, the government will pay you to leave your job and relax for a while.

Actually, forget visiting Sweden. Can we move here instead?

6. Netherlands

You must be doing something right when your country is known for its wooden shoes, mild cheeses, legal cannabis and insanely large flower industry. Bikes rule over cars. Dutch people are direct, tolerant and generally friendly. The cities are organized and clean, and the standard of living is as high as the tourists in Amsterdam’s red-light district.

What’s not to love?

5. Poland

We’re eagerly anticipating the reactions to this one. Yes, Poland is the fifth best country in Europe. Why?

First of all, Poland is likely responsible for the bagel — a food so perfect that God must be Polish. It also has natural beauty, incredible cities, interesting food and tons of history, good and bad. Plus it’s much more affordable to travel there than, say, all of Western Europe.

And it’s on no one’s radar. Shine on, Poland.

4. Spain

The siesta is real and you best not mess with it. In Spain, don’t expect to find a morning bun and coffee unless the morning starts at 1 p.m. What you will find is some of the best cuisine in the world, wines that are too delicious and affordable to be real, and a populace that just wants to party, sleep, party and sleep some more.

There are pretty beaches and fascinating cities, and a ham that takes three years to make from a pig breed that only exists here. Yes, please.

3. Greece

Where would Western Civilization be without Greece? The sentinel of the Mediterranean gave us democracy, the Olympics, sunny days, the Greek Salad, the oldest written language still around and, according to Hollywood, big fat weddings.

Aside from all those statues with the blank eyeballs, this place is magical.

2. Portugal

Portugal has everything people love about Western Europe — food, drink, scenery, sunny beaches, history, memorable cities — in a smaller, cheaper and more accessible package. You’ll never find the tourist crowds of France, Spain and Italy, and none of the smug locals either.

It’s also the third-most-peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index. And none of its neighbors are remotely close.

Still, there’s one European country that bests even it…

1. Denmark

When it comes to the essentials in life, no one does it better than the Danes. They might not have the museums of France, the cuisine of Italy, the beaches of Spain and Portugal, or the wine of Croatia, but the overall quality of life in this Scandinavian country is tops in the world.

It starts with incredible and affordable health care, housing and transit. But there’s so much more. Jobs are plentiful, education is accessible, pollution and crime barely exist, and people spend very little time feeling sad and depressed about the future.

Danes even have a word called “janteloven” that basically means, we’re all equal and important and deserve each other’s respect. This makes it an awesome place to live in, an awesome place for all to visit, and the best country in Europe.

And that’s just a fact.


Here is the publication that is responsible for this article.  What say you ?  True or not so true ?  Oh, the article actually lists 40 countries, 30 of which rank from fair to forget-about-it.  Go, read it for yourselves.


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