Trying To Figure Out What To Do With Your Life ?

If you are lost with your career and your life, I'm sharing the coolest jobs for 20 somethings that actually PAY WELL (imagine that?!). You should be excited and challenged in your day to day, and making a career change will do that! #careeradvice #careerchange #jobsthatpaywell #helpwithcareer #coolestjobs #careertips career tips, career advice, help with career, coolest jobs, lost in your career, career change

If you’re in your twenties, you should be excited and challenged at work! Your twenties are a time to learn new things, be challenged and feel excited in your day-to-day. It’s so easy to get caught up in a stuffy cubicle (the worst)! I’m sharing the coolest list of jobs for 20 somethings so you can brainstorm an exciting career, that actually makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. Who knew that was possible?!

In college, I had no idea how many jobs there were in the world! I never knew it was possible to get your dream job and full time. This list of jobs for people in their 20s should actually make you excited about getting work. Whoever thought that was possible?! I can’t wait for you to get started.


(Oh, this is as far as I go.  If you are motivated enough to know more, click here and be educated as to what’s out there waiting for you).

40 Common English Words

Learn English words fast to improve your English Vocabulary and speaking skills. Click the link below to learn how


Sincere: (of a person) saying what they genuinely feel or believe

For example: I’m sure he is a sincere person

Frank: Open, honest, direct in speech or writing

For example: to be frank, I don’t know

Blunt: Uncompromisingly forthright

For example:  I have to be blunt.  I don’t like your wedding dress

Forthright: Direct and outspoken

For example: You’re right, it would be nice if she’d be forthright


Confess: Admit that one has committed a crime or done something wrong

For example: She confessed that she had damaged the car.

Reveal: make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others.

For example: Mary’s husband was forced to reveal Mary’s whereabouts

Avow: Assert or confess openly

For example: He avowed his change of faith.


Weep: To shed tears

For example: he wept bitter tears at her cruelty

Sob: Cry noisily, making loud convulsive gasps

For example: she broke down and sobbed like a child

Bawl: Weep or cry nosily

For example: I bawled my eyes out when I heard the bad news.


Plump: Rather fat

For example: A rather plump girl began to walk towards them.

Overweight: Above a weight considered normal or desirable

For example: It’s time to admit she’s overweight.

Flabby: Soft, loose, and fleshy

For example: This exercise helps to flatten a flabby stomach.

Chubby: plump and rounded.


Tedious: Too long, slow, or dull

For example: It really was a tedious journey.

Dull: Lacking interest or excitement

For example: “your laerning doesn’t have to be dull and boring”

Uninteresting: Not arousing curiosity or interest

For example: The scenery was uninteresting.

Tiresome: Causing one to feel bored or annoyed

For example: His speech was quite tiresome.


Impolite: Not having or showing good manners

For example: It would’ve been impolite to refuse the invitation.

Insolent: Showing a rude and arrogant lack of respect

For example: She hated the insolent tone of his voice.

Impudent: Not showing due respect for another person

For example: His thoughts are impudent to say the least.

Cheeky: showing a lack of respect or politeness in a way that is amusing or appealing.

For example: His thoughts are impudent to say the least.


Start: Begin from a particular point in time or space

For example: The season starts in September.

Initiate: Cause (a process or action) to begin

For example: The project was initiated by me.

Launch: Start or set in motion

For example: He’s begun by launching an emotive advertising campaign.

Commence: Begin

For example: His design team commenced work.

Embark: Begin (a course of action)

For example: She embarked on a new career.


Precisely: In exact terms; without vagueness

For example: The guidelines were precisely defined.

Completely: Totally; utterly… not lacking anything

For example: That story is completely true.

Absolutely with no qualification, restriction, or limitation; totally.

For example: He absolutely adores his car.


Chuckle: Laugh quietly or inwardly

For example:  I chucked at the surprise on her face

Giggle: Laugh lightly and repeatedly in a silly way

For example: they giggled at some private joke

Cackle: Laugh in a rough, harsh way

For example: the witch cackled at the end of the story

Snigger: Laugh in a scornful way

They kept sniggering at her

It’s Easy to Grow Sweet Potatoes

Plant them right, give them plenty of room, and look forward to a bountiful harvest

Sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas, Zones 10–12) are fun and very easy to grow as long as you have enough space for their vigorous vines. At season’s end, the plants will produce delicious and nutritious roots that can store well for up to a year or longer. Though many gardeners think of this as a crop that needs warm weather and a long growing season, sweet potatoes can be easily grown wherever there are at least 90 to 100 frost-free days.

Photo: Carol Collins

Tiny slips (above) will produce an abundance of vigorous vines. As long as the vines have plenty of room to ramble, this undemanding crop will not need much else from you. Many growers use black plastic mulch, but even a bed without plastic (below) will soon be covered in an attractive living mulch of leaves and vines.

Photo: Carol Collins

Sweet potatoes need warm soil that is not too fertile

Sweet potatoes are grown from cuttings called “slips.” These can be purchased from a reputable grower, though gardeners may want to try growing their own. There are many excellent sweet potato varieties to experiment with; these differ greatly in flesh and skin color, as well as their adaptation to different growing regions.

Sweet potato plants are sensitive to chilling and should be planted only after the soil temperature is above 65°F. Here in Zone 5, I aim to transplant around June 10 and harvest in early October.

This is a crop that grows best in well-drained soils that are not too fertile. Avoid compacted or heavy clay soils, which can prevent roots from getting the air and ­water they need. Excess nitrogen will cause roots to become long and skinny rather than plump, so don’t apply compost or manure prior to planting. Although a good yield of sweet potatoes will remove the equivalent of 1 pound of 10-10-10 fertilizer per 100 square feet, for the best results only apply nutrients based on the results of a recent soil test.

Black plastic mulch reduces the need for watering and weeding. Simply cut a hole for each slip and bury the rootlike bottom section, leaving the green, leafy growing point above ground. Even if a slip does not have leaves or roots, these should develop soon after planting. Photo: Carol Collins


The right mulch makes a big difference

To prepare the bed for planting, loosen the soil at least 8 inches deep—deeper if you can. While it is possible to grow sweet potatoes successfully without plastic mulch, we have found that we get better production if we use black plastic applied tight against the soil. This can raise soil temperatures around the young plants, allow­ing for an earlier start, which is particularly useful in cooler climates. However, black plastic mulch also conserves water and provides weed control in all locations.

Space your slips 9 to 12 inches apart in rows 3 to 6 feet apart. Usually a slip will have several nodes that will produce roots or shoots. Try to bury at least two or three nodes in the soil, leaving the growing point above ground. It is not important for the slip to have healthy-looking leaves; even the scraggliest looking slips can produce large, vigorous plants.

Transplanting conditions have a big impact on success. To avoid dessicating young slips that don’t have many roots, plant them out on a day when it is cloudy or raining, and water the slips immediately after planting. If your slips arrive when the weather is not conducive to transplanting, you can hold them for a week or more by placing the bundled slips in a deep pot, loosely placing potting mix around them, and watering regularly. When you are ready to plant, simply detangle the slips and plant individually.

Spacing Tip: Space slips 9 to 12 inches apart in rows 3 to 6 feet apart. A typical slip has several nodes that will produce roots or shoots. Bury at least two or three of these in the soil, but leave the growing point above the surface. Illustration: Elara Tanguy


Keep pests away from your sweet harvest

While sweet potatoes are not attacked by Colorado potato beetles and other potato pests, they do have enemies. Deer love to eat sweet potato foliage, so you may need to use fencing or row covers to keep them at bay. Voles enjoy feeding on sweet potato roots, and their damage is often not evident until harvest time. Maintaining a weed-free area around the planting, or mowing the grass very short, makes the habitat less favorable for voles. Wireworms and grubs feed upon young sweet potato roots, leaving unsightly tunnels. Both are larvae of insects that lay their eggs in grass or sod, so avoid planting root crops into newly prepared beds where grass was growing recently.

Scurf is a fungal disease that causes harmless but unattractive discoloration on the surface of sweet potato roots. Purchasing disease-free slips from a reputable supplier is the best defense against scurf and several other viruses.

Who has been snacking on my sweets? Vole damage is easy to spot, but only after the tubers have been harvested. Keeping the area around your bed weed-free helps keep voles away. Photo: Carol Collins


Harvest as late as you can

Sweet potatoes should be harvested as late as possible—before the soil falls below 60°F. Before digging, use clippers or weed trimmers to remove the vines. Be gentle as you dig, since sweet potato skins are very soft and can rub off easily until they have been toughened up by curing.

After digging, cure your roots by keeping them in a warm place (80°F to 85°F) for four to seven days. A garage, a tool shed, the second floor of a barn, or a mudroom can be a good place to do this. Once the roots are cured, move them to their final storage place: somewhere that is moderately warm (55°F to 60°F) and humid. Take special care to avoid chilling the roots, which will be damaged by temperatures below 45°F. Under the right conditions, sweet potato roots can be stored for more than a year.

It is critical to wait a few weeks after harvest before eating the roots. While they are edible, the roots of recently dug sweet potatoes are very starchy and have poor eating quality. Throughout the first three weeks after harvest, these starches are converted into sugars, and the roots ­develop their excellent eating quality.

Cured tubers are worth the wait. Freshly dug sweet potatoes must be cured and then stored for a few weeks to achieve their fullest, sweetest flavor. Photo: Carol Collins

How to grow your own slips

After growing a successful sweet potato crop, it is easy to make more plants the following season. Here’s how.

Photo: Carol Collins

Plan ahead
Select and save the very best roots from your fall crop for use the following year. Choose nicely shaped roots that are completely free of any disease or insect pests. Keep in mind that some varieties are less inclined to sprout than others, and roots that have experienced chilling injury may exhibit poor sprout production.

Get growing
Six to eight weeks before you want to transplant slips outside, place the sweet potato roots on their sides in trays of potting mix. Cover them completely with moist sand (or more potting mix), and keep the trays between 75°F and 80°F.

Twist and plant
When the sprouts are 4 to 6 inches long, remove them from the sweet potato root by twisting. The root will continue to produce new sprouts. The sprouts can be planted right away into prepared ground, or you can place them in a jar of water for a few days to start roots prior to transplanting.

Top 10 Most Haunted Places

Just in time for Halloween, Whether you’re a believer or not, America’s towns are filled with spooky stories passed down through time. From haunted fortresses to grisly tales of suffering and death, here’s a list of some of the spookiest spots in the US.

Moundsville Penitentiary


During its more than 100 years in operation, the Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia was one of America’s most violent correctional facilities and the final stop for almost 1,000 criminals. The prisoners lived in cramped quarters, which led to riots. Many men were hanged or killed in the electric chair, while others were murdered by other prisoners. The prison closed in 1995, but according to some, the tortured spirits are still behind bars and in the bowels of the prison and may be seen or heard on a tour.

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
Once known as the Weston State Hospital, this asylum was home to thousands of people with mental illness, starting in 1864. Hundreds of people died here before the facility closed in 1994. The spirits that are said to haunt the site today date back to the Civil War era, when the asylum’s grounds served as a military post. Paranormal tours of the facility feature 2-hour visits to the asylum’s 4 main hot spots. The more intense Ghost Hunt is an 8-hour, overnight paranormal adventure with experienced ghost-hunting guides.

Villisca Axe Murder House
On June 10, 1912, the old white frame house at 508 E Second St became a grisly crime scene. The heinous murder of Josiah B. Moore, his wife, their 4 children and 2 young girls who were overnight guests rocked the small town of Villisca, IA, and the murderer was never identified. Over the years, residents of the home reported visions of a man with an ax, children crying and unexplained paranormal activity. In 1994, the home was restored to its original condition with no indoor plumbing or electricity. These touches add to the chilling ambience during a lamplight tour from April through November or an overnight experience available by reservation for groups.

Sammie Dean

Jerome, AZ, is a former copper-mining town with a paranormal reputation that dates back to the Wild West. The town is now home to just 400 residents (down from 15,000 in its heyday), but legend has it there are plenty more ghostly residents from the days of mining accidents and gunfights. One well-known spirit is the working girl Sammie Dean, a prostitute who was strangled by a customer in the old Crib District. Her beautiful spirit roams the alleys looking for her killer, who was never found.

Cuban Club

Cuban Club, also known as Circulo Cubano de Tampa, can be found in Tampa’s Ybor City neighborhood. In 1917, this spot was a popular hangout for Cuban immigrants who enjoyed the ballroom, outdoor band shell and cantina with a stage and dance floor. Today, the compound, which is protected by the National Historic Register, hosts concerts and special events and is the setting for many ghost stories about spirits playing the piano and riding the elevators.

Fort Mifflin


Built in 1771, Fort Mifflin is the country’s only Revolutionary War battlefield that is still intact. There are 14 restored buildings on the grounds on the Delaware River and reportedly plenty of spirits from the past. Among the ghosts said to haunt the fort is a screaming woman whose cries are so loud that the Philadelphia police have been called to investigate, only to find no one there. Other characters in the local ghost stories include a faceless man wandering around the fort, a tour guide dressed in revolutionary garb and numerous children and dogs.

Moon River Brewery
The Moon River Brewery brought its beloved beers to Savannah in 1999, but the building is one of the oldest in town, dating back to 1821. In its original incarnation, it was the City Hotel, a high-end hotel with a history of violence during the Civil War. Men were killed in the hotel during heated skirmishes, including a Yankee who was beaten to death by locals in 1860. Some bar patrons today say they’ve seen bottles mysteriously fly through the air and have witnessed guests being pushed, touched and even slapped by unseen forces. One resident apparition, Toby, is said to skulk around the billiards room looking for the next great bar brawl.

The Sultan’s Palace
The house at 716 Dauphine St is a classic French Quarter beauty with classic wrought-iron balconies and a large courtyard. But in the 1800s, this residence was a house of horrors for the Sultan, a wealthy man with a depraved lifestyle, multiple wives and children, and a harem of women and young boys held against their will. Neighbors complained about the mysterious habits of this man who had a predilection for partying, opium and torture. But the greatest mystery in the house was the Sultan’s demise, when he was buried alive in the courtyard after his family and harem were hacked to pieces in a bloodbath by an unknown perpetrator. Today, his angry spirit is thought to be responsible for the unusual noises, loud music and strong incense smells that waft from the home, as well as unwelcome advances on past female residents who swear the Sultan is still up to his old tricks of groping female visitors.

Calcasieu Courthouse

Toni Jo Henry has been the talk of the small town of Lake Charles since the 1940s, when she killed a man in cold blood. Just as notorious were her stunning good looks. The former prostitute charmed a gentleman in a pickup truck to give her a ride while she was walking the highway with a friend en route to spring her true love from a Texas prison. It took 3 trials for a jury to convict the wily Toni Jo, who had charmed the courtroom and jail staff and divided the town over her presumed guilt. In 1942, this murderous beauty known as Tiger Girl was the first woman in the state to die in the electric chair. Her spirit lingers in the courthouse today, and workers there swear they feel her presence, hear her screams and even smell her burning hair. Many believe that she tinkers with office equipment, locks doors and meddles with everyday office life at the courthouse.


A few places to visit if your nerves and heart can stand it !

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas

Is your wedding coming up or you’ve just gotten engaged? If you’re thinking of having a Winter wedding, these decorations, favors, themes and more will give you great ideas to make your wedding the best yet. Here are the best winter wedding ideas!

1. Snowflake Disco

Do you want a disco but want absolutely everything to include a wintry theme? Then have a snowflake disco! It’s entertaining for the kids as well as the adults.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas

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2. Name Tags

We all need to know where we’re sitting for the wedding reception and a great way of bringing a Christmasy twist into it, is having name tag baubles! Your guests will find their seats easily and have their own Christmas decoration. This is one of our favorite winter wedding ideas.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

3. Bauble Centerpieces

If you want to go full on Christmassy, then Christmas decor and bauble centerpieces are the way to go! You can choose from a range of colours and decorations.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

4. Candy Apples

Have you got a sweet tooth? Have candy apples or white chocolate apples for the table!

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

5. Christmas Wedding Cake

Do you want a Christmas themed wedding cake to really make it a white wedding? Have a cute cake topped with gingerbread toppers.

Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas (winter wedding ideas)

6. Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Christmas tree centerpieces are a great idea in replace of flowers for a Winter wedding and can be decorated or left alone for a more rustic feel.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

7. Cookie Bar

If you want a Christmassy theme, having milk and cookies is a wonderful addition for guests to enjoy at your reception. Make it a bar with rustic centerpieces and wreaths.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

8. Blankets

If you’re having an outdoors wedding in the Winter it’s probably a good idea to have a basket of blankets for your guests to keep warm and cuddle up to their loved ones.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

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9. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are always a good idea and if you want a cosy Winter wedding, dotting fairy lights around a barn, tent or hotel is a great idea for a warm atmosphere.

Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas (winter wedding ideas)

10. Favors

If you’re looking for gifts to give your guests in the holidays, these homemade cocoa mixes are a perfect way to say thank you for attending your wedding and buying gifts.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

11. Smores

If you want a toasty wedding reception to entertain your guests in the holidays, this marshmallow fire pit is perfect to make smores!

Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas (winter wedding ideas)

12. Cocoa Bar

If you’re looking for something to entertain your guests in the evening, this hot cocoa bar is ideal for hot drinks on a cold Winter night and will be the talk of the reception.

Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas (winter wedding ideas)

13. Log Candles

Log candles will give your Winter wedding that rustic look you’ve been dying to capture for Instagram. Decorate your reception with these, pine cones and old barrels for a cosy Winter scene.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

14. Mince Pies

Nothing says Christmas like a mince pie, does it? Have a stack of these on each table for that festive feel and let your guests enjoy the Christmassy treat! You can have tons of flavours and there are lots of ways to decorate them.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

15. Photo Collage

Everyone needs some type of embarrassing photo on their wedding day to be displayed so why not give your guests a laugh with this cute collage idea. It’s a great way to save money on props and makes your guests swoon with jealously!

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

16. Bouquet

If you want a rustic style bouquet for your Winter wedding, why not create your own pine cone and fern one? It will save you money and be original at the same time!

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

17. Sleigh Ride

If your wedding is set in the snow, why not offer your guests sleigh rides? It’s the perfect idea to give children something to do at the reception and is a romantic way of spending time with your newly married husband or wife.

Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas (winter wedding ideas)

18. Confetti

Instead of having awful coloured plastic shapes for your guests to throw (and ruin the environment) why not have “snow” confetti for them to throw when you leave for your honeymoon?

Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas (winter wedding ideas)

19. Photo Booth

If you want a snowy photo booth for your guests, why not invest in some props so your guests can take the most Instagramable snaps they can? This is one of our favorite winter wedding ideas.

20 Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas 

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20. Tent

If you want to have a romantic outdoor wedding in the snow with blankets and lights, having a tent is the perfect Winter setting to give guests the warmth they need from the cold but is also a cheaper option for you!

Amazing Winter Wedding Ideas (winter wedding ideas)

We hope you take some Winter wedding ideas away from this post and let us know in the comments if you’ve ever had or are planning a Winter wedding.
Main image:

12 Apple Watch Accessories Worth Buying

12 Apple Watch Accessories Worth Buying

If you’re in the market for a smartwatch, and have a few dollars to spare, Series 5 offers more than any Apple Watch before it.

It took the fifth iteration of the Apple Watch to convince PCMag’s lead software analyst Michael Muchmore that it’s a worthy purchase. But there are lots of reasons to pick up a predecessor, too. Series 4 has been discontinued but a Series 3 can be had for $200 less than the newest model.

Whichever Apple Watch you choose, you’re going to want some accessories to go along with it. Our picks help you keep your watch charged, make it look like a modern-art showpiece, and pack it up perfectly. They work with every model of Apple Watch unless otherwise indicated

Elago W3 Apple Watch Stand

For nostalgia and style, it’s hard to beat this Macintosh-inspired Apple Watch stand.

Candywirez Portable Clip-On Speaker

When you want to share what you’re listening to without the burden of carrying anything too heavy, connect this tiny, clippable Candywirez speaker to Bluetooth via your watch.
  • Ember Travel Mug

    The Ember Travel Mug keeps drinks at a specified temperature through a commute or a day at the office. Using it with the Apple Watch app ups its portability.

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  • Native Union x La Boite Concept PR/01 Speaker

    Native Union partnered with La Boite Concept for a speaker that is a thing of beauty in terms of looks, sound, and function. The speaker slides open to cables and chargers, including for Apple Watch, so that its surface can be used as a wireless charger.

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  • HoldMyBands Compatible with Apple Watch Charging Stand and Bands Holder

    If you have a wardrobe of bands for your Apple Watch, you need a place to keep them. This case keeps eight of them and a charger organized and ready to go.

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  • Julk Case for Apple Watch

    For full protection of the Apple Watch face, get a Juuk case. Or two. This two-pack has one clear and one rose-gold-trimmed protective cover. They’re made of TPU and don’t stand in the way of touch-screen functionality.

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  • Tangram Smart Rope

    Instead of fumbling with a phone during a workout, use the Tangram Smart Rope in tandem with the Apple Watch.

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  • Twelve South TimePorter Accessory Travel Case + Bedside Charging Stand

    If you have room for just one travel companion, make it the all-in-one Twelve South TimePorter. It stores the Apple Watch, some extra bands, and a charge. It can also be used to wirelessly charge the Watch.

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  • Abanen Watch Band Organizer

    For those Apple Watch bands that don’t see regular use, the Abanen Watch Band Organizer is just the thing.

  • Belkin Valet Charger

    The Belkin Valet Charger is a 6,700mAh portable battery that can charge an iPhone and an Apple Watch simultaneously, making it an ideal travel accessory.

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  • Native Union Belt Watch Charger

    This durable Native Union Belt Watch Charger is an everyday essential to keep in your bag to make sure your Apple Watch is always charged. It stays tangle-free, has a 4-foot reach, and a handy leather snap to keep it tidy.

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  • Beats Powerbeats Pro

    Whether you’re out for a walk or working out, Beats Powerbeats Pro paired with your Apple Watch makes for a perfect listening experience.

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Chandra is senior features writer at She got her tech journalism start at CMP/United Business Media, beginning at Electronic Buyers’ News, then making her way over to TechWeb and Chandra’s happy to make a living writing, something she didn’t think she could do and why she chose to major in political science at Barnard Co… See Full Bio

Can You Solve These Riddles ?


You measure my life in hours and I serve you by expiring. I’m quick when I’m thin and slow when I’m fat. The wind is my enemy. 

Hard riddles want to trip you up, and this one works by hitting you with details from every angle. The big hint comes at the end with the wind. What does wind threaten most? You have to stretch your brain to come up with a something tiny and unexpected.

Answer: A candle


I have cities, but no houses. I have mountains, but no trees. I have water, but no fish. What am I? 

This riddle aims to confuse you and get you to focus on the things that are missing: the houses, trees, and fish. You might guess you need to think about something inanimate.

Answer: A map


What is seen in the middle of March and April that can’t be seen at the beginning or end of either month?

This riddle works by trying to get you to think about the weather or holidays or other events linked to a calendar. To get this one right you actually need to get super literal.

Answer: The letter “R”


You see a boat filled with people. It has not sunk, but when you look again you don’t see a single person on the boat. Why?

Hard riddles like this brainteaser are tricky because they seems to invite straightforward, logical thinking. You may come up with answers like “they all went below deck” or “jumped overboard.” But you need to focus on the word “single” and think about its other meanings.

Answer: All the people were married.


What word in the English language does the following: the first two letters signify a male, the first three letters signify a female, the first four letters signify a great, while the entire world signifies a great woman. What is the word? 

This is hard because it gets you thinking about gender and the ways they’re different. You have to think of one word that holds the others. It’s easy when you think about it!

Answer: Heroine


And there’s plenty more from The Readers Digest:

United Nations Day

United Nations Day is devoted to making known to people of the world the aims and achievements of the United Nations Organization. United Nations Day is part of United Nations Week, which runs from 20 to 26 October.

United Nations Lesson

United Nations Civics Lesson

by http://www.elcivics.comThe United Nations is an international organization that was established after World War II to keep the world at peace. It is located in New York City, New York. Almost all of the countries of the world belong to the United Nations. It is often called the UN and its role has expanded to include encouraging respect for human rights and reducing poverty. (3 pages)

United Nations Flag What is the United Nations?

    • It is an international organization that promotes peace and human rights.
  • It is also called the UN.
New York City, New York Where is the United Nations located?

  • The United Nations has offices in many countries, but its headquarters is in New


Manhattan Area of New York with United Nations When was the United Nations created?

  • It was created in 1945 after World War II ended.
  • World War II was the most destructive war in human history.
General Assembly Hall Who meets in the UN General Assembly Hall?

  • Representatives and leaders from many different countries meet here.
  • They discuss important problems like war, poverty, and hunger.
Getting Water from a Barrel What is the woman in this picture doing?

  • She is getting water from a barrel.
  • Many poor people do not have clean drinking water.
  • The UN tries to help poor people get enough water and food.


Homes in Soweto, South Africa How many people live in slums?

  • About one billion (1,000,000,000) people live in slums.
  • The goal of UN-HABITAT is “adequate shelter for all.”
UN Tank in a War Museum Why does the United Nations have tanks?

  • UN troops use them to prevent fighting between or within countries.
United Nations in the Evening How can we help the United Nations?

  • We can donate money.
  • We can volunteer to work for them.
  • United Nations Day is October 24.