Australian Native Plants

Australian Native Plants: Ultimate Outdoor Plants Buyers Guide & List

Once upon a time, Australia’s native plants were considered primitive and strange. Early European settlers filled their gardens with plants that reminded them of home, dismissing the bottlebrush or wild fuschia in favour of the English rose, for example.

Thankfully, since the early 1900s we’ve seen a resurging pride in our country’s natural beauty. We can boast some 24,000 species of native plants. Compare that to England’s paltry 1,700 and you know Australia’s flora is something special.

This guide offers you a common list of Australian native plants, sorted alphabetically by the Latin name, with the more popular name beside it. Browse through our lists of native trees, shrubs, flowering plants and orchids to find the ideal plants for your backyard.

Interested in cultivating these native plants alongside your natural looking artificial grass? This guide will let you know how easy it will be, and the best methods for getting awesome results.

Ready to dive in?

Start reading our mega guide to native plants below.

Note:  This list is quite large to copy and paste.  So if you’re interested, click on the link below and prepare yourselves for a treat:

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