These Creative Halloween Costumes Have Officially Won The Spooky Holiday

If you can’t stand the thought of being the 20th sexy cop to show up at your best friend’s Halloween party, you might want to take a closer look at the holiday’s most inventive and completely-homemade costumes. These people love Halloween and they know how to create a costume people will be talking about for years.

This Should Be The Official Halloween Costume Of Chefs

This guy figured out a simple way to show off his love of animated cartoons and creative Halloween costumes at the exact same time. We love this design because we don’t know if there is a plastic mouse in his hat or just a cutout that is casting a shadow with the help of some installed lighting. If we’ve learned one thing about creative Halloween costumes, it’s that they tend to be more celebrated when we are left scratching our head over how it was put together. This costume should the official choice of chefs everywhere…or at least in Paris.

The anglerfish is really a marvel to behold. This fish lurks in the darkest and deepest depths of the ocean searching for prey. The dangling light on the top of this fishes head attracts its meals who come in for a closer look. If you are close enough to realize a danger is lurking, you are about to become a meal for the anglerfish. These women did a great job of capturing the frightening nature of the fish while adding a little bit of geeked out electronics into the mix. This is impressive but we have more complex examples of DIY and super creative Halloween costumes coming up.

This 3D Printed Face Will Give You Creative Nightmares

This guy wanted to wear a mask that made his face look like a deranged serial killer had peeled it off to wear as their own. Instead of just relying on stage makeup, he went a step further. This creative Halloween costume required the man to use a 3D printer to make an exact replica of his face. Sure he has to walk around with a prop all night long but his costume is one of the most inventive we have ever seen. Sadly, you will need to buy a 3D printer or rent one to make this costume and that won’t be cheap.

These Guys Are Winning The War Against Holidays

Do you remember playing with those little green soldier toys when you were a kid? Their limbs didn’t move but you could easily set them up on a flat surface and only your imagination could hold back your battle strategy. The little green soldiers have withstood the test of time and can still be purchased in bulk. This office party wasn’t complete until a bunch people got together to help a friend win the costume contest. You only need some green screen jumpsuits and some green clothing to make this group costume a reality. Sure you can’t walk around all night but you’ll totally have the best costume for the office party.

Oogie Boogie Has Never Looked So Adorable

If Halloween isn’t complete in your home until a viewing of A Nightmare Before Christmas you need to grab some potato sacks and some thick black yarn and get to work on this costume. Oogie Boogie is a really nasty bad guy in the Tim Burton classic but this time he’s portrayed by an adorable little kid. This might not be the most inventive costume on our list, mostly because it’s a copycat, but the fact that a little kid was chosen to wear this costume and it was built from scratch, we had to add it just for the adorable factor.

Bio-Luminescent Jellyfish? This Is Impressive

Our favorite Halloween costumes are the ones that require very specific elements to make them work. This woman created a jellyfish costume that looks pretty ordinary in daylight but quickly transforms when the lights go down. We can see this being a huge hit at a nightclub or a blacklight party. With LED lighting these days it’s becoming easier than ever to throw on a battery pack and some lights that will stay charged all night long. We love the way this costume glows and the attention to detail that shows up only when the costume is introduced to a dark room.

The Scariest Halloween Costumes Of All Time

Scary monster faces? They hold nothing on this couple who dressed up like a low battery signal and a no-WiFi warning. Sure they might look like dead creatures of the night but in reality, the only thing dead around them is technology. This is the type of costume that will give you nightmares for years to come, but only if you’re under 50-years-old and rely on your phone, tablet, and PCs for all of your work and life needs. Halloween costumes that make direct commentary about modern society earn extra bonus points in our opinion. This is a simple costume but also a unique option we’ve yet to see a second time during our searches for the most inventive Halloween costumes.

I think you get the point.  You don’t have to spend hundreds to unique.  Just be creative and have a lot of duct tape handy.

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