37 Sites Like Canva

“Check Out These Great Canva Alternatives!”

Truth be told, I don’t know if these sites are “great” or not, and the author doesn’t mention pricing or ease of use.  It’s a list, one that you can peruse at your leisure if you need a Canva alternative.  My blog has not evolved enough yet to require graphic design or photo editing.  Hmmm.  Perhaps now might be a good time to check them out since my recovery from back surgery will sideline me for another 3 weeks.  I know.   Whining is unmanly, so back to the post.  The author is Raelyn Tan, who has a sizable social media following.  Her web site offers some tips bloggers may find useful.  So, here we go:


Here are 37 sites like Canva - Great ideas for alternative tools you can use to create printables, graphics, and more for your blog and business! Includes: picmonkey, snappa, designfotor, pablo, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and more. via @raelyntan



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