(This festival is on 15th August 2019) May God spread the message of social harmony amongst the humanity

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The RAKSHA BANDHAN is the festival, so dearest,
Where sister ties the sacred thread around her brother’s wrist,
Which is held in the Hindu month of Shravan,
Witnessed by the auspicious full moon from the Heaven,
Profuse with sisterly adoration,
And awe-inspiring sentiment of brotherly affection,
A festival of deep bond of emotion,
Wherein a brother promises fortification,
Of his sister from any danger unforeseen ,
An ultimate ‘bond of protection’ though unwritten,
Yet this thread is not an ordinary twine,
But solemn undertaking given.

Rakhi is not mere a knot between blood related brothers and sisters,
It is sacred knot between neighbours,
And other society members,
To keep the fabric of society united,
To ensure communal concord,
History is replete with several examples,
Where Rajputs & Maratha queens sent Rankhis,
To the Mughal kings,
And won their support at the time vcritical
There is also a story of Alexander the Great’s spouse,
Sending a Rakhi to King Porus,
Which King Porus accepted with immense respect
And the promise was so fulfilled
By not harming her husband
Such is the sacred rakhi’s bond.

Such is the power of this ordinary thread,
That it can keep even adversaries united.

O our All powerful Creator,
Thee who can do anything anywhere,
Knot the world community with thy Holy Thread,
So that all live in peace and concord.

Rakhi Thread becomes a link between brother and sister to remind each other that there exists somebody to care for him/her. It is, in other words, an emotional bond/link which brings forth the memories of the past days when both brother and sister had lived and brought up together. To say the least, I opine, sisterly love is next the motherly love. A simple woven thread, self made or purchased from market with great reverence cements relationship even further between brother and sister.

(What a truly wonderful, reverent festival.  All the best to my Indian friends !)


Author: Dennis Hickey

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  1. Dennis, thanks for this. I had several references to it in my timeline but didn’t know what it was about.

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