It’s August and I can’t Believe it

Our summer in Chicago has come and is almost gone.  Not quite gone, but kids will be going back to school in 2 or 3 weeks, vacations are or will be over, and August in the Midwest has been called, “the Dog Days of Summer”.  Hot, humid, buggy, and so hot even dogs don’t want to move.  Lucky southern hemispherians (sp).  Your winter is ending and your spring is springing.  (I love Sydney by the way.)

So sunscreen, bug spray and iced coffee will rule the month of August.  Oh, another iced coffee recipe will be forthcoming shortly.  Coffee and Chocolate lovers stand by.

Before I get serious about blogging as (ugh) this month, I would like to thank some fine writers for nominating me for various awards.  I really appreciate the honor you have given me, but thinking about my style of blogging has led me to believe that I should not participate in the process.  It’s like this.  I don’t consider myself a writer, as I consider all of you.  I’m an Ed Sullivan (Google him) type, more of a presenter of facts, ideas, various sayings all created by someone else.  Not me.  I’m just the conduit presenting these things to you while, of course, giving credit to the originators of the article, or photo or saying, etc.  It’s part of my role as a real tutor, a volunteer tutor, that I love to bring to the blogging world.  I tap into some exceptionally creative material and present this material for your enjoyment, education, motivation and thought-producing because that what a tutor does.  And I love doing it.

That being said, thank you to KatieKay c17princess, Lydia Potter, and Fisherofmen who have nominated me for awards.

And with that being acknowledged, August awaits (ugh)

Author: Dennis Hickey

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