Happy Birthday, Canada !

It was originally called Dominion Day, But over the years, Canadians have embraced the holiday, which falls on July 1 and celebrates the country’s history and achievements.

The festivities go on all day and range from fireworks, parades, barbecues, citizenship ceremonies and other events. 

History of the flag

In 1965, Canada instituted a new flag to distinguish itself from Britain and reflect its self-governance.  The new red-and-white flag design, the one Canada uses today, features a bright maple tree leaf because the maple tree is common throughout Canada. No national symbol is as ubiquitous as Canada’s maple leaf.

A Canada Day message from Donald Trump

The U.S. Embassy in Canada also shared a message delivered from Trump himself to Canadian Governor General the Right Honorable Julie Payette, with the U.S. leader offering his “warm congratulations” on the 152nd anniversary of the Constitution Act of 1867.

“Since its founding, Canada has represented a powerful, positive force in the world,” Trump wrote to Payette, a former member of the Canadian Astronaut Corps, who completed two spaceflights during her tenure.

“Our people share many strong bonds, including a common history, close cultural, economic, and familial ties, and a deep sense of duty to promote peace and prosperity in the world,” he continued. “The United States views its bilateral relationship with Canada as one of the most important, and places tremendous value on maintaining it.”

“I wish you and all Canadians a very happy Canada Day, and express my best wishes for your nation’s bright future,” the president said.

From Newsweek and CNN


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