Fingers Crossed !

WordPress works great, and then it doesn’t.  Here’s my story:

Up until a month ago, my WP domain was    Well WP changed my domain name to  without warning and without my consent.  Just what does comstaging  even mean ?  The nice lady at WP texted that it meant that some business accounts have been retro-fitted with this non-sensical domain name.  I told her I liked the old one much better and wanted to switch back.  No can do was the reply.  My only recourse was to switch my domain name to   15 minutes ago, I pulled that switch.  I am now  like it or  not.

If there is an admin person lurking here, wth ?  All throughout the blogosphere I’m known without the part. And, I would like my old self back please.  As this is a business account, which I’m paying huge $$ for (and haven’t even earned $1 yet) I think you might seriously consider my request.  I don’t want to lose anyone following my blog nor lose access to their posts.

So my fingers are crossed that you will do the right thing and restore my good name to the blogosphere.


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2 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed !”

  1. How bizarre! Why would they do that, particularly when you have a business account?

  2. What evvvvveen? Dear goodness, I don’t know what I would do. That would be so frustrating.

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