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We are the world’s leading research and educational center of excellence on PTSD and traumatic stress.
PTSD is a mental health problem that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening event, like combat, a natural disaster, a car accident, or sexual assault. It’s normal to have upsetting memories, feel on edge, or have trouble sleeping after this type of event. If symptoms last more than a few months, it may be PTSD. The good news is that there are effective treatments.

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Get Help, NOW !

Ways to get help

  • Get Help in a Crisis
    The National Center for PTSD provides links and information to help you locate VA and other mental health services in your area.
  • Find a Therapist
    Describes types of professionals who provide therapy and medication for PTSD and trauma issues.
  • Self-Help and Coping
    Find out what to expect after a trauma and about self-help tools that can help you manage stress reactions.

Help for Veterans

  • Care for Women Veterans
    Describes VA services offered to women Veterans, including the Women Veterans Health Care Program.
  • PTSD Treatment Programs
    Information on specialized treatment for PTSD within VA Medical Centers.
  • VA Benefits and Claims
    Answers to some questions about PTSD and service-connected disability that are frequently asked by veterans. Provides information about resources for treatment.

Getting immediate help for PTSD:

If you need help right away:


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