June-Huge Month for Weddings, So…….

Hugest month for………Anniversaries, of course. That means anniversary gifts.   Hallmark has prepared a list of what they claim to be appropriate anniversary gifts, based on the number of years.

But this is the one and only, official Hallmark wedding anniversary gifts list. It blends tradition with fresh inspiration, and since we think every year is important, there are creative gift ideas for every single anniversary, from the first to the sixtieth. A couple celebrating anniversaries after that can start all over again!

For each year, we give you not only the themes, but also gift suggestions you can really use. We even have some cute anniversary date ideas if you need some inspiration. Since budgets and gift-giving traditions vary, we’ve suggested both inexpensive gestures and over-the-top ideas. Some of these ideas could work for more than one anniversary year, so if you need extra inspiration, read through the whole list. We hope you enjoy it, and we wish you lots of days worth celebrating, all through the year.”

To learn more about each individual anniversary theme, click the anniversary year.

Anniversary Gifts By Year  

I really like some of these suggestions, but they are from Hallmark.  Oh, and don’t forget the anniversary card.


Author: Dennis Hickey

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