Here Comes the Bride !

By Frederick Alain Docdocil

Traditionally, the month of June has always been the most popular month for couples to get married,  which was the reason why the term “June bride” was coined. The month of June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of Marriage. During ancient times, it was thought that couples who married in June would be blessed with prosperity and happiness. In addition, there were also many logistical reasons for brides to consider June weddings. Brides married in June were likely to give birth to a first child in spring (which was also thought to bring good luck), and then recover in time for the fall harvest. Furthermore, during medieval times when bathing once a year was the norm (seriously!), a person’s annual bath usually fell in May or June. As expected, right after their annual bath, many couples decided to tie the knot since each person was probably at their most presentable (and the bridal flowers would cover the smell of the wedding guests).  Yuch !

So, in keeping with American tradition, I’m going to post pictures of typical June weddings, although the weddings will not all be American.  More interesting that way.

Here we go with the first of June’s wedding pictures.

Wedding Dress by Sophia Tolli #weddingdress #bridalgown #weddings #weddingdresses #bride #bridal

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This sleeved boho wedding dress is comprised of allover lace, with sheer lace comprising the long sleeves, bell cuffs, V-back, and V-neckline. Sheath silhouette lined with York jersey for a luxe feel.

Too cute!! wedding dresses for second marriage

Simple Wedding Dresses Inspired by Meghan Markle - La Sposa

White Tulle Lace V neck Long Bridal Dresses, White Wedding Dress, SW183 – Simidress #wedding #weddingdresses #bridalgowns #bridaldresses #lace #white #tulle #womandresses

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