These Game of Thrones Spinoffs Would Be Very Entertaining

By Evan Romano & Men’s Health Magazine

I dare you to not be intrigued by ‘The Westeros Wing’

Who’s feeling withdrawal? Anyone? Bueller?

The Game of Thrones finale is still fresh in everyone’s minds, and while mindlessly hating on the show seems to be all anyone wants to do today, in a couple of days or maybe a week, everyone will start feeling the pain of a Thrones-less existence—probably right around the time when they start their post-Thrones binge of a significantly-lesser show.

While a number of Game of Thrones spinoff ideas have reportedly been floated, one has moved forward in the development process—a prequel, supposedly focusing on the very first Long Night. While I have my own reservations about The Night King, that series has locked Naomi Watts into place, which is a spectacular piece. With her role in Twin Peaks: The Return, she already knows how to fit right into a beloved series with a tone that fans and critics are already very accustomed to.

That being said, the actual Thrones finale left plenty of our favorites in positions where we’d more than likely be willing to join them for a whole ‘nother series. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1 ‘Arya The Explorer’

Arya game of thrones spinoff 

Let’s start this list off in earnest: This show would be such a blast. Already endorsed by the literary horror/adventure master himself, this show could follow Arya’s post-Thrones adventures, get extremely dark and creepy, and be an obvious winner.

While the show cleaned Arya up more and more over the last couple of seasons into more of a prototypical good-guy protagonist, let’s not forget that there were a few seasons where she was a morally ambiguous killer. Oh yeah, and she can also shape-shift and wear the faces and identities of people she murders. Action/Horror meets Thrones meets Kill Bill, anybody?

2 ‘Tormund + Snow’

jon snow tormund spinoff

Much like this summer’s upcoming Hobbs & Shaw, this is a dream action pairing. With the finale setting this power duo up to take care of business up north, you just know that they are ready to kick ass, take names, and maybe even drink some giant’s milk.

Both feared and mighty warriors, these two may have different approaches to their craft, but you know they’re going to come together victorious and on the same side when it’s all said and done.

Not to mention both men are once again single—coming off blonde-induced heartbreak. The possibilities for Tormund & Snow are pretty much endless.


3 ‘The Westeros Wing’/’Hand’

hbo game of thrones spinoff tyrion

The Thrones finale gave us a pretty sweet set-up in King’s Landing with the possibility for two shows in one, with Tyrion Lannister the lynchpin of both.

First and foremost, it’s impossible to ignore the possibility of what The Westeros Wing could be. With the sharp tongues of Tyrion, Bronn, and Davos all sitting on the Small Council, the dialogue opportunities are endless. Aaron Sorkin is probably salivating and the simple thought of those three in a walk-and-talk, while figuring out how to solve the great budget crisis of the six kingdoms.

Within the same conceit, we have Hand, which follows a second-in-command (Tyrion), sick of his role doing all the work while the leader in name only gets all the credit. Like Veep before it, Hand will star a multi-time Emmy winner in a role that will undoubtably bring the opportunity for several more.

With his team behind him, the half-hour comedy Hand finds its foul-mouthed lead constantly scheming and berating his staff as he tries to find ways for more notoriety and more power.

4 ‘Jin Davra Place’

daenerys spinoff good place fun 

In a twist that was foreshadowed for much of the series and particularly the final season, Daenerys Targaryen was unable to avoid the same path as her father, becoming ‘The Mad Queen,’ murdering countless innocent people, and forcing Jon Snow to assassinate her to save the rest of the realm.

In ‘Jin Davra Place’—that’s Dothraki for ‘The Good Place,’ of course—we follow Daenerys as she first lands in the afterlife. She still thinks she was doing the right thing! She has no idea what hit her! So is this The Good Place or The Bad Place? That’s up for her to find out. Guest star opportunities run aplenty: Ser Jorah, Theon, Missandei—the list goes on.

She may not have gotten to spend time in Westeros with Jon Snow, but maybe in Jin Davra Place, she can link up with his half brother, Robb.

(Whose with me, Throne of Dragons) ?

Evan is an associate editor for Men’s Health, with bylines in The New York Times, MTV News, Brooklyn Magazine, and VICE.


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