Legitimate or Not ? Review books for Pay.

Ok I’m posting this because who doesn’t like to make extra money ?  The thing is, I have no clue if these site’s are on-the-level or just scams waiting to take your money or valuable information.  If you have experience with them, please share it with those who wish to earn some money by reading and reviewing.



Forgot to ask.  If you are a reviewer and wouldn’t mind sharing your sources of work, leave a comment.  Thanks.

Author: Dennis Hickey

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One thought on “Legitimate or Not ? Review books for Pay.”

  1. Interesting. I can see why mags like Publishers Weekly and The US Reviews would need to outsource reading and reviewing. They’d have to have huge staffs otherwise. Wouldn’t that be a cushy job – sit around a read all day! Seem similar to the ways news organizations use freelance journalists.

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