Why Are Goals Important? Part 3 of 4

Results don’t come overnight. Sometimes the world needs a bit of time to catch up with the new you who’s getting after it.
So understand what effort brings the results you want, then put forth that effort consistently while understanding when you should see results.
People who set, and achieve meaningful goals that enrich their lives are often dreamers.
Not wishy-washy hippies, but people who like to test the limits of their own potential.
They enjoy thinking that “the possibilities are endless” and, even if that’s not entirely true, they certainly get after their goals thinking that there’s no force on earth that could stop them.
High octane goal crushing machines are not just hulk like achievers with no soft side. Buried deep is a serious appreciation for all life has to offer.
Even you reading this now have so much to be appreciative of. If not the results you don’t have yet, then the information that it’s possible in the first place.
Everybody does the best with the resources they have. One of the greatest resources is knowledge on how to improve our lives.
Many confused the world humility with representing the qualities of weak, meak, and no backbone types.
A saint in the early 1900s described humility in the most beautiful way I’ve ever found.

“True humility is knowing one’s ACTUAL position and acting accordingly”
Bhaktivinoda Thakur

Knowing one’s actual position means understanding yourself on a deep level. You want to know your strengths, otherwise, how will you know what weapons to choose?
You want to know your weaknesses, otherwise, where will you put your armor?
You need to understand and be honest about what you know and what you don’t know.
Being humble means you offer your knowledge to those who know less
Learn from those who know more, Share with those who are about the same

Not necessarily in some deity, but in the process of achievement itself.
When we set out to achieve goals of any kind, doubt will inevitably creep into our experience on some level.
When that happens, our faith in the process will keep us going.
Many have come before you who’ve done it, and millions will come after you.
Success and achievement are not awarded to people who are special, they are given to those who follow the rules.
When you are goal setting, remember, there is nothing special about you that makes you fail, there is only you not combining the right ingredients to bake a decent success cake.
Ever heard of the shotgun method? Starting a bunch of things and never committing to any of them.
I do not recommend it.
If you figure out something to set a goal for, that is deeply rewarding to you, and are willing to go after it, then there is no reason you shouldn’t commit to it wholeheartedly.

Goal Setting Behaviors

Schedule your day around your goals

Ever notice you get cranky when you’ve been without food? Your body requires a certain amount of resources to function and when you’re low on them (at the end of the day) it’s much easier to falter.

As much as possible, try to do your important goal related tasks in the morning when you can fight off procrastination etc…easier.

Eliminate all the junk in your life

Everything in your life takes up space. If not literally, then energetically.

Think of yourself as having space, and then identify what space in your life your goal occupies.

Whatever is currently in it’s space will need to be removed and replaced.

Like eating junk food being replaced with eating healthy.

Embrace things favorable to winning

It’s not enough to avoid all the bad stuff.

It’s better to have some weapons in your arsenal as well.

Make a list of things that will ensure your success: like joining a support group, or a gym.

Keep good company

  • Do they believe you can achieve what you desire?
  • Do they have big desires of their own?
  • Are they constantly trying to talk you out of it or convince you that you’re wasting your time?

These are all things to ask yourself when deciding whether or not your environment is conducive for success.

Push through the beginning inertia

Most things are hard in the beginning.

Walking, running, riding a bicycle, spelling basic words, are all things we struggled with first, but are easy for us now.

When you first started to drive, there were a million things to think about. Now you just sit in the car and drive.

An object at rest tends to stay at rest unless acted upon by an unequal and opposite force.

This is true with matter, and also true with you and your goals.

When we set our goals, we have a habit of doing something else, other than the goal. So the first part when our behaviour changes can be challenging.

You just need to push through enough to when it starts to get easier. It always happens this way.





Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who never stop learning. Learning will nourish your personal growth. I hope you enjoy this website and visit often so you keep learning and growing too!

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