Why Are Goals Important? Part 2

Goal Setting requirements

1. That you are willing to be clear:

Your goal is your result.
Your result is your destination.
For a destination, you need a map to follow along the way.
And for a roadmap, you require a starting point and other important details.
Do you see now why being clear and concise about your goals is essential?

2. Without clarity of purpose, you will waste time and energy on things that are irrelevant to you.

Being clear during your goal setting and achieving process allows you to allocate your energy only to what matters.
Otherwise, you’ll be running around to everything shiny thing that comes up.

3. That you are willing to put in consistent and worthy effort:

Does anyone gain muscle working out “every once in a while”?

4. That you are willing to adapt:

People who are successful achievers understand this simple idea. Success is a formula.


Failure is nothing but the absence of the “Y” part of the equation.
Adaptation means you are willing to understand, that when “Z” is not what you want, you just need to tweak the “Y” until it works.

Further into the “Y”
Are you doing this with the right people? Who else is required? Who should you get advice from? Are you prepared for this?
Are you doing the right activity even? Do you have a solid plan of action? What are you doing that could be better? What are you doing that’s wrong altogether?
Are you doing this for the right reasons? How intrinsic are the results you get? Are they just superficial?
Are you in the right environment for this? Surrounded by the right kind of support? Are you getting your information from the right place?
Are you doing this at the right time of day? Are you in the right season of life to achieve this goal? Is this an expansive time in your life or a refinement time in your life? How long should this be taking you? How long does it take others?

Goal Setting Success Qualities

Goals need to be heart-centred or they’ll just burn you out. Don’t set goals just to “keep up with the jones’s”. Your goals need to be intrinsically and extrinsically rewarding for you to stick with them in the long-term.
You need to be thoroughly honest with yourself.
No, “I’ll do it tomorrow”
No half-assed effort
Don’t tell yourself nonsense like “Well, I did my best” when you know you took it easy on yourself.
Goals required dedication. And to be dedicated you need to be honest about the effort you’re putting forth.

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Your brain, that’s who.
But in order to achieve anything in life, you’ll have to be smart enough to work around or through your brain’s desire for an easy life.
Our brain likes to budget brain sugar (glucose) so that we always have a supply
Our brain likes to shut us and our will to put forth effort down when we are running on “empty”
When something feels stressful in your mind, your brain is gonna try and keep you from doing that thing.
You can either scream like a saiyan and push through it, or try one of the many brain hacks available for ending procrastination completely.

Stack the odds in your favour and stockpile as much information on your goal as possible.

Start by asking yourself thoughtful questions:

Who will be involved in reaching my goal? Only me? Or others as well?
Who has done this before me? How long did it take them? How long do I think I could do it in?
How will the results change how I see myself? How will others see me when I win this goal setting game?
Is this goal comprehensive? Does it accomplish several things for me at once?
How much am I willing to sweat and bleed for this goal? Will I quit when it gets tough? What kind of grit is required to accomplish this?

Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who never stop learning. Learning will nourish your personal growth. I hope you enjoy this website and visit often so you keep learning and growing too!

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