Why Are Goals Important? Part 1

Goals are the simple part of the machine that nobody cares about.

Goals are what take our current ceiling and make it our future floor.
Humans, by nature, are experiencers. Not only this but we as the experiencer desire to experience more, every day and all day.
Factually, we consume experiences more so than food even.
When experiences are no longer satisfying we have a choice:
To get more, or to starve.

Those who choose to starve, pretend like staying the same is satisfying.
But when a person chooses to get more, they level life’s obstacles, speed passed their competition and so habitually, making them appear superhuman.
They weren’t bitten by something radioactive: they have a system!

How Many Types of Goals Are There?

Business goals
Personal goals
Group goals
Student goals
Family goals
Life goals
Long-term goals
Medium Term goals
Short term goals
New skills goals
Kicking habits goals
Personal acquisition goals

There are a million different desires for us as individuals, But here are the most commonly used goals by the average person

Visionary goals: The destination, represented by an idea, “I would like my life to be like this”
Long term goals: Huge steps needed to accomplish the vision you have
Medium term goals: Stepping stones on the way to your long-term goals
Short term goals: Your medium term goals broken up into manageable, bite-sized chunks

So, why does it seem like those who are rich in goals are only getting richer and those who are poor in goals get trampled on?

All they did was start to embody more and more of what “someone who achieves their goals” is.

You see, life is about “give and take”. So if you want life to give you the results you desire, you need to be OK with giving life what it wants in return.

Normally all life wants is:
Someone who is willing to put in the effort
A person who will appreciate the gift once they have it
Someone who will use the gift well.

Think of life as a person. Would you give anything at all, to a person who wasn’t willing to work for it, didn’t appreciate it and would just waste it after you left?

End of part 1.


Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who never stop learning. Learning will nourish your personal growth. I hope you enjoy this website and visit often so you keep learning and growing too!

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