Some Women Also Experience PTSD-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Dedicated to those women who were traumatized by something or someone. If you need help beginning your path to recovery, start with your family doctor. Please do not put it off. There are professionals who WILL help you.  God bless.





living with an emotional abuser means that you’re living in a constant state of stress. #fiercelyunfettered #survivortothriver #emotionalabuse #stress #toxicrelationship #narcissist #psychologicalabuse #abuserecovery #fightorflight #breakfree #livefree


41 Truths People With PTSD Wish Others Understood


#PTSD I've heard people say this is a 'mental illness' Educate yourself.



The victim is never to blame. Or as my sister accused me of "asking for it."



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I love this. Both statements are true for me. I guess when I have a bad day (yesterday was terrible), I can remember and be thankful I don't have "bad years" anymore. ... Always hang in there. It does get better.



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Recovery is about progression, not perfection! Just keep making progress. #recovery #recovered #addiction       womenwithptsd

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