March Madness

No, it’s  not a new strain of flu.  No, not a new form of mad cow disease.  OK, for those who don’t reside in the U.S., March Madness is something that happens to men and women, boys and girls, who follow U.S. college basketball.  You know the game with the hoops and the court and the running up and down said court, to the yells, screams and shouts of the thousands of said followers in the stands, or at home screaming at their tv’s, phones, at eateries, taverns, or anywhere else a signal can be snatched from the air.  It’s a game of basketball that you’d think would determine who rules the universe for the next 52 weeks. It’s a tournament, ok ?  That’s all.  It begins with 64 college teams and ends with the last 2 teams battling for all the marbles, the championship, the bragging rights, the ……Well, you get it by now.  Play has already started.  By now, half the teams have been sent packing, waiting until maybe next year, or not.

Many millions of dollars are wagered on the games.  Probably half are done so in office pools, bookies, friendly wagers, etc.  More importantly is the pride of winning and the later “agony of defeat” that all  but 1 team will suffer.  There is no cure for this ailment, but there is a salve to make it bearable.  It’s beer, of course.  Quaffed in quantities that seemingly make’s any loss bearable.  Followed by the cursory, “Just wait until next year”.  If you haven’t heard from a friend for the past few days, that friend might just be in the clutches of this madness.  It might be best to just wait it out…..or maybe just have a brewski yourself.  Happy March Madness Month !

March 25 Update:  64 teams have been whittled down to 16, the so-called, “Sweet 16”.  Shortly, that number will become the “Elite 8” and much more beer will flow.


Author: Dennis Hickey

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