Katy Started Her 40-Pound Weight-Loss Journey by Doing at-Home Workouts and Walking Her Dog

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Whether your weight-loss journey is sparked by being tired of being tired, wanting to fit into your favorite dress from five years ago, or just wanting to challenge yourself, it takes time. Katy Sullivan’s reason for starting her 40-pound weight-loss journey was that she no longer wanted to be mentally and physically tired. She started off slow, adding daily activities into her routine like walking her dogs and eventually worked her way up to strength training at the gym. In a little over a year, Katy was able to make a complete lifestyle change.

Why Katy Decided to Lose Weight

Everyone has a different reason for starting their weight-loss journey, and for Katy, it had a lot to do with how she felt physically and mentally. “I got to a point where I was just disgusted with how I was feeling,” Katy told POPSUGAR. “I was always uncomfortable, always tired, never wanted to do anything or go anywhere, and when I did, I was always self-conscious and didn’t even want to take pictures.” She explained that she was “tired of living like that” and was ready to make a lifestyle change. 

How She Lost 40 Pounds in a Year

We’ve covered many inspiring weight-loss stories that started out with a simple change and resulted in a big payoff. For example, Kim began her weight-loss journey by walking her son to school. Similar to how Kim began, Katy eased herself into a simple workout routine.

“Initially, I was doing home workouts in my garage and taking my dogs on a walk,” she said. After that, she began taking classes at the gym, like cycling as a form of cardio. After that, she progressed to more challenging forms of exercise. “One day, I finally stepped foot into the gym with my boyfriend and lifted weights,” she said.

On the nutrition end of things, Katy said she began tracking her macros (how much fat, protein, and carbs she ate in a day) and starting following the Mari gym guides. According to Katy, that’s when she “really started to see progress.” She credits the guides to improving her confidence in the gym and providing her with a supportive and motivational group on Facebook.

What Katy Eats in a Day

Curious about what Katy eats to fuel her daily activities and workouts? Here’s a sample of her daily meals.

  • Breakfast: eggs, turkey bacon, and sometimes avocado toast with a protein shake.
  • Lunch: a protein like grilled chicken or ground turkey with rice and vegetables or a salad.
  • Dinner: a pasta alternative, like lentil or chickpea pasta, or lettuce wrap tacos.
  • Snack: rice cakes with nut butter and sugar-free jelly, a protein bar, or Greek yogurt with fruit and granola.

Katy also shared that her diet doesn’t change when she exercises. “I tend to eat relatively healthy altogether, but I will allow myself treats so I don’t restrict myself and binge later.”

Challenges Katy Faced During Her Journey

One of the biggest challenges Katy faced was not making excuses. “I would literally have an excuse to everything. ‘I don’t have time to work out, I’m tired, I work too much, there’s no food to make,'” she said. To overcome making excuses, Katy said, “I got in the habit of waking up earlier and going to the gym first thing so I couldn’t have all day to change my mind.” By doing so, she said her day started off “so much better.”

Another challenge Katy faced was how often she was going out to eat. In order to cut back on how often she ate out, Katy started meal prepping. “I always have backup healthy foods in the freezer, just in case,” she explained. “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail and that is something I learned quickly!”


Katy’s Nonscale Victories and How She Stays Motivated

Weight-loss journeys aren’t just about losing weight. They’re often accompanied by numerous benefits that have nothing to do with a number on the scale. For Katy, being able to put on old jeans was one of her most memorable victories. “The first time I did this, I was so shocked at how loose they were,” she said. “It really put things into perspective, and I have an excuse to get new clothes.” Another victory is when people approach her at the gym and tell her they’ve noticed her progress.

Losing weight won’t happen overnight, and it’s important to trust the process, be patient, and most importantly, be kind to yourself. To stay motivated, Katy said, “I just remind myself I don’t want to ever go back to the place where I was. I know I don’t want to feel like that ever again so I just have to remember why I started, and I know that working out and being healthy just makes me feel really good.”

She also credits her Instagram, which is dedicated to fitness, for holding her accountable and providing her with motivation. “I follow like-minded individuals with the same goals so it is a really positive environment. Also, the people I have met and talk to because of it are so inspiring and encouraging. It just makes me want to keep going, and I know I’m not alone in it,” she said.

Katy’s Advice For Anyone Ready to Start Their Own Journey

There are countless ways to reach your goal of becoming healthier, and Katy shared some advice that helped her (and will help you) get started: “Be patient! You will want to quit, you will think you are not losing weight fast enough, you will compare your journey to others – don’t!”

“Once I stopped obsessing over the all-or-nothing mentality and took a step back – taking rest days, tracking my macros, not letting one weekend of indulgences set me back into old habits – that’s when I was able to make it a lifestyle change,” she explained.

“Make sure to take a ton of pictures throughout and measurements too because the scale can be deceiving.” Her final piece of advice: be consistent and “remember that slow and small progress is still a step in the right direction.”


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